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Best Science Apps for Middle School and Upper Elementary School Kids

Science360 App

Today’s Best Educational Apps for Kids list is Best Science apps for  middle school and upper elementary kids (Age 10 to 15).  I did not include those animal related apps, as there will be a separate list of “Best Educational Apps for Kids” on ”Nature and Animals”.  Most science apps I listed for kids age 6 to 10 are also appropriate for this age group.  You can find that list by visiting Best Science Apps for Elementary School Kids.  If you know any good science apps for kids age 10 to 15, please leave the app name in a comment.  I will update the list periodically.

Best Science Apps for Middle School and Upper Elementary School Kids

Best science apps for middle school kids

VideoScienceVideoScience (Free): the app has a growing library of over 80 hands-on science lessons that are great for home and the classroom.  All lessons are 3-4 minutes long videos.  Each video demonstrates an inexpensive and easy to recreate science experiment.  Although kids can conduct most of the experiments, parents should be involved in the process.

Britannica Kids-VolcanoesBritannica Kids: Volcanoes ($4.99): Like other Britannica Kids apps, this one integrates multimedia materials teaching kids everything about volcanoes: the Erupting Earth, Lava and Magma, Types of Volcano, Decade Volcanoes, and more.  Games are there to reinforce what kids have learned from reading.  Quizes are the best way to know how much the kids have learned.

Britannica Kids-Solar SystemBritannica Kids: Solar System ($4.99): with similar structures of other Britannica Kids Apps, this app takes kids exploring the eight major planets and their moons, the sun, comets, asteroids, gravity, and space… Other topics covered: Formation of the Solar System, Studying and Exploring the Solar System.  There are games and quizes, like other titles in the series.

Chemist AppChemist ($4.99): it is like a Chemistry Lab on the iPAD. Kids has the freedom to test out their chemistry hypothesis without worrying the potential explosion.  It is a perfect gift for those who are taking chemistry classes.  However, younger kids in elementary school can also explore some elements and experiments on their own.

Science360Science 360 (Free): scroll the 3D sphere that is made of thumbnails of various science photos and videos, tap on any one of those thumbnails to bring up the recent updates from National Science Foundation (NSF) or institutions funded by NSF.  All contents are multimedia and are updated weekly, so you always get the most recent development of science and technology.

NASA AppNASA App (Free):  carries a wealth of NASA information right on your iPad.  The app collects, customizes and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically updated mission information, images, videos.  It has informations about the planets, live streaming of NASA TV, on demand NASA video, … The part I love the most is the thousands of laest images.

3D Brain App3D Brain (Free): It is fun turning the 3D brain around and see the different parts of the brain. Kids can see how brain is structured and how different parts of the brain control different functions of our bodies.  Even though some young kids may not fully understand some of the readings, it is still helpful to understand how our bodies work.

Curiosity School - Stem SeriesCuriosity School (Free): a free app with science experiment instructions and explanations.  All instructions are in videos, which make it very easy to follow. The materials are easy to find at home, and all experiments are easy to do, even for young children.

What is your child’s favorite science app? Please leave a comment with app name.  Thanks!

Have kids in early elementary schools?  Check out the Best Science Apps for Early Elementary Kids. For all best educational app lists, please visit Best Educational Apps for Kids page.
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  • Stefanie

    Curiosity school is cool. This is a great list!

  • Julia

    Clarify Learning Academy has courses in the human body, cell biology, and others. It contains 3D animations, quizzes, and games!

  • Diane

    I will have to check out some of these apps, my step daughter is 12!

  • Chris

    Thanks for a wonderful list.

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    Just simply had to point out Now i’m pleased that i came upon your web page!

    • Thanks for visiting and leaving a note. I am glad to see you here!!

  • Angie

    health and fitness

  • Stephen

    It’s good to see many educational apps available, and I especially like the science ones.

    • It is amazing what is out there. I feel I am in a treasure hunt everyday!

  • Michael

    A very useful site you have here. It will surely be of help to kids 🙂

    • Thanks Michael! Please visit more and help share the information with your friends.

  • uldissprogis

    I hope it is sincere but I am surprised you like so many of my blogs. If you do really like so many of them then I feel that I have a very smart follower in you and almost a soul mate. I think that what you are doing trying to promote kids learning apps is really great and I start to wish that I had my two grown boys to teach all over again so they could use the apps. Great work! I wish you the best in your efforts. Sincerely, Uldis

    • Thanks for visiting and the encouraging words. You have an interesting blog with broad range of topics. Keep up the good work!

  • wholesome kids

    These look cool, and reasonably priced- thanks for the ideas!

    • In general, apps are priced lower than other learning materials. I don’t think it will be like this in the near future, since compare to the work required and continuous updates they have to do, I think in general apps are under priced. — so stack up when you can, the price will gradually go up – I think.

  • Chris Chandler

    Nice website for helping us wade thru all the apps out there!

  • PragmaticMom

    Great list. I am looking for more science apps for my son. I wanted to share the ones we played with: http://www.pragmaticmom.com/2011/11/friday-find-ipadiphone-science-apps-kids-ages/

    • Thanks for sharing. Some are familiar, some are not. I will for sure take a look.

  • Beth Cheng on Facebook

    Amazingly, most of the apps are FREE!

  • Kelly McIlquham

    I’ve been receiving your daily emails for a long time now and I think our readers would love to hear more. Would you be interested in working with us at Berkshire Family Focus and providing a monthly post on our site?

    • Thanks for reaching out. Will you send me an email with details? My email is on the contact page. You can find the page on top left corner of the website, click on “About”.

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