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Fun Game for Kids to Learn Social Skills – Yo Kai Watch

Fun Game for Kids to Learn Social Skills – Yo Kai Watch post image

Do your kids like games? Do you like them to play games? What if it is a game where kids learn social skills while playing? Nintendo just brought a popular game in Japan to the US, it is called Yo-Kai Watch. I like the game as kids can learn social skills through play.
Fun game for kids to learn social skills Yo Kai Watch
The storyline of the Yo-Kai Watch game starts when a boy or a girl gains a special power of seeing Yo Kai. Kids can choose to play as a boy or girl. Yo Kai are invisible spirits living in a town. Different Yo Kai has different power and weakness, and they all do various destructive things around the town. The players’ tasks are to find as many Yo Kai as they can, fight the Yo Kai. If the player wins, they can collect the Yo Kai, and use the Yo Kai’s power to win more Yo Kai and eventually do good for the town.

I usually don’t let my kids play too much games. But kids are kids, they need down time. When they want to play video games I’d rather them play a good game. Games like Yo-Kai Watch are the ones I don’t mind my kids playing. Here are the reasons:

1. The game delivers positive messages. Kids learn what is right and wrong from the game. For example, taking other people possession without asking first is not good, being late for school or work is not good.

2. The game encourages kids to read more. While playing, kids need read the dialog between characters to understand what is going on, and what needs be done. This is a good way to encourage reluctant readers to read.

3. Kids learn to turn negative into positive. The Yo Kai usually are bad at the beginning. After the players or their Yo Kai winning them over, those bad Yo Kai can start doing helpful activities for people.

4. Kids learn that each individual has different strength and weakness, and that is ok. There are about 200 Yo Kai in the game. All Yo Kai has different powers and weak points. While playing the games, kids will start to understand that no one needs to be good at everything, and it is ok to have things you can’t do.

5. Kids will learn team work. Each player can have up to 6 Yo Kai, and it is up to the player to decide which Yo Kai to keep to have a winning team. Through play, kids will find out that Yo Kai from the same tribe fight better together, and they must be next to each other to unleash their combined unity power, so to win more games, kids have to learn to choose the team wisely and strategically place each Yo-kai.

Yo-Kai Watch is available exclusively for the portable Nintendo 2DS and 3DS systems including the new Nintendo 3DSXL. You can find it online and wherever video games are sold at $39.99

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  • Tina

    Glad to read such a positive review on this–I’ve been considering purchasing both the game and books for the local library but wasn’t sure …. Now I definitely will!

  • kittyfrog

    that each individual has different strength and weakness in the game!

  • Noreen

    I really like that it encourages reading and teamwork, skills that are important

  • Sue Hull

    I like that its a good fun game. No blood or evil characters. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Kelley Roach

    I love that this game helps kids learn about teamwork!

  • Michelle C

    I love that this game helps kids learn about teamwork! I also like that players can battle over wireless. My kids love to compete with each other.

  • Angela Lang

    My kids love this show and I like that it has an educational component (bad into good). They would love the game since they like watching the show.

  • jaimeb

    My daughter loves Pokémon and Animal Jam, and I know she would love this. It is very reminiscent of the two. I like the large variety of character(200) to find and the virtual interaction. Win win!

  • Tracy Webb

    I like there are over 200 characters, so like new game every time.

  • Susan D Genna

    I have only one child and she does not get many opportunities for social settings , so, if she were to play this game, she could learn some etiquette.

  • Audrey griffis

    I like that it seems similar to Pokemon and you can choose over 200 characters

  • Tabathia B

    I like that you can obtain the watch to see the characters

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Leela

    The over 200 kinds of yo-kai.

  • Annmarie W.

    My son is a big Pokemon fan, so I know he’d also love this game! And I think I would like all the different characters…they look so cute!

  • Noelle Carroll

    I like that you have to find over 200 kinds of yo-kai hidden around town! That seems like such a fun hunt to me

  • Angela Saver

    What I really like about Nintendo Yo-kai Watch is that you can choose different characters & it is very challenging for our kids!

  • Gina Ferrell

    I like that the game delivers positive messages and that the kids learn what is right and wrong from the game. Such a positive message!

  • Jackie

    One of the things I like about this game is all the fun characters.
    Thank you!

  • Terri Irvin

    What I like about the game is it will bring the six-year old and the eight-year old grandsons together as brothers. They love to play games together so they will share this if I win it. Also the game is not violent.

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    As a teacher, I love games that encourage problem solving. Kids need to learn to problem solve more while getting good information. As a teacher, i would LOVE for my students and child to be able to play this game.

  • elizabeth miller

    In this game, my daughter loves that he can choose who she wants to be and combine her characters to have the best powers. I love that through this game she learns problem solving skills and that each and every character has it’s own special powers…just like people.

  • Angelica Dimeo

    I like how many different characters there are the storyline of the game.

  • Aaron M

    I love how the game is a vibrant world full of interesting characters with tons of implied backstories.

  • Liza Vladyka

    my son loves all the different characters

  • Caroline

    I like the positive lessons behind the game. A lot of children’s shows and games aren’t educational or moral anymore…

  • Anne Perry

    I like that this game teaches problem solving skills

  • pamela j

    My daughter would really enjoy this game. The graphics look great! Thanks!!!

  • Diana Hatch

    I love games that encourage my grandkids to read

  • Kathryn Hyatt

    I like that the unique characters teach social cues and how to turn negatives into positives

  • Gabrielly

    I like that the game encourages kids to read.

  • sarah tracey

    I like that it encourages reading

  • Holly Mitkowski

    I love the idea of teaching social cues!

  • Dominique Cloutier

    I love all the different, neat characters! my kids would love this! thanks!

  • Tamra H

    I like that the game encourages kids to read by including the dialog script.

  • Ashley C

    I love the aspect about teaching kids about turning negatives into positive! I think that is so important!

  • Jill Laster

    Would love for my little one to win!

  • hannah

    I like that the kids have to read the dialog. This teaches them the proper way to write dialog themselves.

  • lisa phillips

    i simply like that the kids learn while playing

  • Natalie

    I like that it teaches teamwork,a lot of kids. Don’t play fair

  • Marty Crosson

    I like that you’re not simply banging on a button and shooting things, like so many other games (even kid games like Kirby.)

  • Jennifer W

    I like that there are so many different Yo Kai to collect and that you can choose to be a female or male character. This game looks really fun.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I just like that my daughter likes it! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Jennier Vega

    I like that it encourages reading and teamwork!

  • bethany maxwell

    I like that it encourages reading!

  • Holly Mitkowski

    I like that there are 200 Yo Kai in the game!

  • Emma Craig

    Anything that encourages my daughter to read a little is great in my book!

  • Diane Roark

    Finally a game to help teach and reinforce social skills. I think this would be perfect in an Easter Basket. Thanks for sharing!

  • Liz Mays

    You can’t argue too much when they’re learning from it, can you? Those skills are valuable.

  • Terri Steffes

    I know some classrooms that would love to have this game! I can imagine students having the chance to play when they have finished their work, or for a special treat. Cool stuff here.

  • Nikki @ Tikkido

    My six year old daughter would absolutely love this game! I’ll have to look in to it.

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