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Kids Learning Activities Using Plastic Easter Eggs

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We put together some very fun Easter and Spring learning activities for kids a couple weeks ago. Today I want to share some learning activities with the plastic eggs. Every year, after Easter, we end up with many colorful plastic eggs. They usually sit in the closet for a year with no uses at all. I have been collecting ideas on learning activities using those Easter eggs. Hopefully this year, you will be able to use them for more than once.

20+ Kids Learning Activities with Plastic Easter Eggs

20+ kids learning activities using plastic Easter eggs - color match, alphabet, number, count, sensory, ... tons of fun ideas for kids.
Color matching with the Easter eggs

Play Easter egg rainbow for color sorting

Play hide and seek with Easter Eggs

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Play Egg Race. Could be a good practice for Pinewood derby!

Play ABC match game

A reversed hunting game

4 games with Easter eggs for math and memory learning

Egg drop for babies

Create a sensory bin  and more sensory bin ideas

Last, 10 ways to recycle the plastic Easter eggs, for learning activities in math, science, crafts.

For more egg themed learning activities, please visit 8 Amazing Egg Science Experiments for Kids, and 10 Ways to Learn Math Using Easter Plastic Eggs.
egg science experiments to amaze kids
learn math with plastic Easter eggs

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  • Melinda Tripp

    Fill a few with snacks…….a nice little package to hand to them☺️

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