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iLiveMath Oceans

Today I want to share a series of math apps – iLiveMath series.  It is very unique in a way that it combines math with another subject, such as animals, oceans, transportation.  It helps kids connect math with the real world and see how math are used in real life. There are several apps in the series, including Oceans, Animals of Africa, Animals of Asia, Speed, Ford Cars, Farm Fresh, and Entomology.  Each app has three levels, covering grade k… Read more

Ultimate Sharks Free

Ultimate Shark Free from Discovery is a great app to learn about shark. It includes information about 10 deadliest sharks: Great White, Tiger, Bull and others. It is packed with stunning pictures and videos, well written texts. Kids and adults will learn a lot about sharks from the app: each shark’s size, habitat, body parts, such as teeth, life span, … I am most impressed with the visual effect of the app. It is not only in the pictures and… Read more

Fine Feathered Friends: All About Birds post image

Normally, book apps don’t really appeal to me. I love paper books. I want my kids to love paper books. As I was going through this app however I found myself touching every bold word and feathered friend.  I get it now.  Book apps help make reading and learning to read fun and engaging. Fine Feathered Friends: All about Birds is a new app in the Cat In the Hat Learning Library.  Kids will travel around the world to learn… Read more

Sound Touch – Flash Card With Sound post image

Sound Touch is a great learning tool for young children. It is a flash card app geared toward toddlers and preschoolers, but  the simplicity of this app is great for all ages. This app is a virtual version of flash cards, which helps children to learn name recognition as well as teaching them animal sounds and musical noises. The main screen has 12 clip-art images to select from, and once chosen the screen displays a full screen photo of a… Read more

DrSeuss Short Story Collection

Oceanhouse Media have pulled out another Dr Seuss app from their creative hats. Everyone’s favourite cat in a hat makes an appearance, along with an astoundingly large extended rhyming family including I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today, King Looie Katz about the king of cats, The Glunk that Got Thunk about a little girl who likes to think, as well as The Big Brag about a couple of show offs, The Zax where we meet two stubborn characters, Too Many Daves-in… Read more

Sylvan Dell

On iGameMom, we have reviewed a couple book reader apps.  You can think a book reader app as a book library or book store, where you can find many books, and pick which one you want to read or purchase.  Recently, Bethany from No Twiddle Twaddle told me about an app from Sylvan Dell.  As soon as I looked at the app, I felt in love with it right away.  In Sylvan Dell, all the books are science and math… Read more

On Beyond Bugs All about Insects DrSeuss

The release of On beyond Bugs: All about Insects couldn’t have been better timed for us. We are just finishing up a month long Butterfly project. This book App by Trisha Rabe is the latest release in the Science themed Cat in the Hats Learning Library. Cat in the Hats Learning Library is a series of apps iGameMom recommended for Best Natual and Animal Science Apps for Elementary Kids. The Cat in the Hat and Friends embark on another  journey… Read more

Over in the Jungle

Over in the Jungle, a rainforest rhyme by Dawn Productions is a reading, counting and sing-along interactive app. There’s so much packed in here, that you certainly get quite a bit of content for your dollar with this app! I would say it works best with 3-5 year olds (however, there’s probably something of interest to a wider age range in terms of factual information contained in the app) and it gives kids the opportunity to have lots of variety… Read more

A troop is a group of monkeys

Did you know a group of peacocks is referred to as an ostentation? Well, I had no idea, so I hope you’ll understand why I’m desperate to stumble across some now, and soon, so I can show off my new knowledge. A Troop is a Group of Monkeys is an adorable iPad book (they say they’ll release a hardcover version this fall). The book teaches children, with the use of rhyme, the correct terms for different groups of animals. Here’s… Read more

Wild Kratts Creature Math

Today we have another new reviewer, Elizabeth Wolf.  She has been following iGameMom for a long time, and she blogs at LeMaisonLoup.com about her travel experience with kids.  It is a very interesting blog to read with a lot picture.  Now let’s see what Elizabeth is sharing with us today. The Kratt brothers are a wild pair who travel the globe to explore animal habitats on PBS Kids.  They teach children all about different animals, where they live and what kind of food sources they need to survive. … Read more

Ranger Rick Jr Appventures Lions

Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures: Lions is an app from National Wildlife Federation (NWF).  It is the first of the series of Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures.  In the app, kids will learn everything about lions by following Ricky Raccoon to visit Lars the Lion and experiencing a lion’s life.  Kids will explore an interactive photo story, play five fun-filled games, and create music, animals, pictures, and stories. There are three parts in the app: Explore: Lars the Lion and Ricky Racoon take… Read more

Britannica Kids Rainforests

Rainforest is an encyclopedia from Britannica Kids.  It is designed for kids age 8 to 12.  Like other Britannica Kids apps, Rainforest is a well-designed multimedia reference about world’s rainforests, including types of rainforest; layers of rainforest; the animals, plants and people who live there; and environmental threats and challenges. After kids open the app, they can navigate through the app via a wheel at the bottom of the screen.  The short articles are in sections organized by topics, such… Read more

Wild Kratts Creature Power

We have been watching the PBS Kids Wild Kratts show almost daily for a long time.  Once I found out Wild Kratts has an app, I know I have to check it out. If you are not familiar with Wild Kratts, it is a TV show series about wild animals on PBS Kids.  It combines science, adventure, and some mystery into fun stories, teaching kids many things about wild animals at an age-appropriate manner.  Kids from preschool to early elementary who like… Read more

Frog Dissection

Did you dissect a frog when you were in school?  How did you like it?  Today I am going to introduce an app Frog Dissection.  It brings the whole dissection process onto iPAD.  It won’t replace the real practice, but it is a wonderful tool to learn about the dissection process, the organs, and frog’s body and life.  For those who can’t enjoy the real dissection, this app offers a great alternative to dissecting on a real frog. The app… Read more

WWF Together

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) launched a new app recently, called WWF Together. The app introduces the amazing animals, such as tiger, elephant, panda, with stunning photographs.  With the short paragraphs and interesting facts about the animals, it is great for after-dinner read aloud with families. I think I am going to read it with my son. There are some interactive activities in the app.  For example, kids can cut the bamboos with their fingers to reveal facts about panda. For each animal, there… Read more