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15 Physics Games That Are Safe for Kids To Play post image

There are many good physics games on mobile devices, but some games have content that is not appropriate for kids, since most of these games are not designed for kids. In the meantime, there are many games that are safe for kids to play, and kids will learn a lot through these games. It takes time to find good physics games safe for kids to play. I went through many of these games and put together a list of physics… Read more

Successful Egg Drop Project Design with Straw and Paper post image

Egg drop project is a fun STEM activity. The reason it is widely used in science class and science fair, it is because it is a project based learning, and there are many ways to incorporate engineering design process and physics in the project. We did an egg drop project with straws quite successfully. This time we try a different material: paper. From our last egg drop project design with straws, we learned the key of a successful design is… Read more

Hands-On Engineering for Kids with Examples of Simple Machines post image

We always love toys that let you build and move. When the team of Tinybop told me they launched a new app Simple Machines, I had to check it out. Like the other apps from Tinybop, this is an exploratory app for kids to get hands on and to play with the simple machines in the app and to figure out how they work on their own. It is not just teach kids what simple machines are. Instead it uses… Read more

KidScience Free App

Today’s “Best Educational Apps for Kids” list is Best Science apps for elementary school kids.  I did not include those animal related apps, as there will be a separate list of “Best Educational Apps for Kids” on “Nature and Animals”. If you know any good science apps for kids age 6 to 10, please leave the app name in a comment. I will update the list periodically. Best Science Apps for Elementary School Kids Bobo Explores Light: A very well designed science app with… Read more

Learn Physics Through Art post image

Can you learn physics through art? Physics In Art is a free app teaching kids physics through art. It is designed by a physics professor at Drexel University. The artworks used in the app are all from Philadelphia Museum of Art, but you don’t have to be at the museum to use the app. The app has pictures of the artworks. Of course, if you are visiting Philadelphia Museum of Art, it will be neat to go to the real… Read more

Thinkrolls physics puzzle app for kids

I always liked Avokiddo apps. Recently they just launched a new app Thinkrolls, which is a fun physics puzzle game designed for young children, from preschool age and up. I loved the app for its fun game setting and all the science elements built into the play. I also see it being a great app for critical thinking and problem solving skills. Thinkrolls are 18 cute characters in this educational app. Kids are going to help them roll through mazes… Read more

Curious Kids and Toy Cars

Does your child like cars? Have you shown them the inside of a car? If you have a hands-on kid who likes engineering and machines, he/she will like this app – Curious Kids and Toy Cars. With this app, kids will be able to take apart cars, learn the parts names and how different parts fit together. They will also learn about simple tool and how to use them. When kids start the app, they will see two cars: a… Read more

How It Works

How It Works is a clear, simple, textbook style app.  It visually shows kids how things function and do what they are supposed to do. There are 9 items featured in the app: a car, a rocket, a steam engine, a windmill, a lawn mower, a pump, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and a hair dryer. The app displays a transparent outline of each of these items as their insides wait in the wings ready to be placed together to… Read more

Where is My Mickey

Where’s My Mickey is another fun app from Disney that is part of the Where’s My Water series. Where’s My Water and its’ sequel Where’s My Perry are physics games for kids. Kids learn liquid physics, problem solving and strategic planning while playing the games. Where’s My Mickey is a new add to the series. There are 8 stories in the app, each story has a set of games. The games in the first 4 stories are free, and the… Read more

Max and Ruby Science Educational Games

I am a firm believer that science should, and can be taught at a very young age. I also agree it is challenging to teach science concepts to young kids. You have to convey the concept in a manner that young minds can understand and grasp. It takes the full understanding of science and early childhood education to perfect the task.  Max and Ruby Science Educational Games is a science app teaching preschool to kindergarten kids science concepts with fun… Read more


Sprinkle is a fun physics based game. It just went free for a week.  It is like a combination of Angry Birds and Where is my water.  The story behind the game: inhabitants of Titan, a moon of Saturn, lived out their days peacefully in their straw hut homes – until space tourists from Earth crashed through Saturn’s rings, bringing a storm of flaming asteroids crashing down on the Titans. To combat the widespread fires threatening their homes, the Titans… Read more

Where is my holiday

Disney launched Where’s My Holiday? yesterday.  It is FREE.  It is a holiday themed new game based on Where’s my water and Where’s my perry.  If you don’t have the two games, and want to know what the games are about and if you child will like them, this is a good one to try on, since it is free.  If you already have the two games, it is still a good one to have for the holiday season, since it… Read more

Cut the Rope Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope released their FREE holiday game app again this year.  Like last year, it is only going to be around for a limited time, but it is FREE.  If you want to get it, get it when it is available.  It is a great physics based game with a lot challenges. If you have not played the game, you can take a look at iGameMom’s reviews HERE and HERE. The Holiday Gift has 25 levels of game play. … Read more

Crayon Physics Deluxe HD for iPAD

Crayon Physics Deluxe just launched its HD version for iPAD, in addition to its iPhone version. Started as a game on the internet years ago, it is a physics-based puzzle game. In the game, you get to experience what it would be like if your drawings would be magically transformed into real physical objects. In this app, kids will solve puzzles with your artistic vision and creative use of physics. The objective of the play is to make the red… Read more

Feed Garfield App

Feed Garfield is a cute physics-based game app for kids and adults.  Kids have to find ways to deliver food into the lazy cat’s bowl directly, and collect the 3 lasagna on the way.  Kids learn strategic planning and simple physics while having fun with Garfield and Odie.  There are 45 fun and mind-boggling stages in the app. The app works on iPhone, iPod, and iPAD.  It was $0.99.  It is FREE for limited time. Instroduction on App Store: Feed… Read more