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Best Learning Tools For Kids to Learn Counting

Best Learning Tools For Kids to Learn Counting post image

This is part of our Best Learning Tools on iPad series . Today we have Best Counting Learning Tools for Kids. Counting and number concepts are the foundation for math. It is important for kids not only master counting, but also truly understand the meaning of the numbers. There are many ways to help kids conceptualize the number concepts. Today we have our top picks on counting apps that also help kids understand number concepts.

This is part of our Best Learning Tools for Kids series. For the whole list of the series, please visit Free Essential Learning Tools for Kids on Mobile Devices

Best Learning Tools on iPad for Kids to Learn Counting

Best counting learning tools, help kids deep understanding of number concepts. Great interactive math learning activities for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, to early elementary school.

Tiggly Count : It is a digital toy that connect the toy pieces with the iPad or other tablets. Kids count the toys pieces and the interactive features help kids understand and remember the true meaning of the numbers. It is great way to be hands on and visual at the same time.

Endless Numbers : Kids learn numbers and even simple additions with animated number monsters

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Little Digit : innovative idea of counting taking advantage of the touch screen feature. Kids count number of fingers touching the screen – not only a good counting game, but also fine motor practice.

123 Dig: Counting while helping the mole Manny dig holes.

123 Tracing : kids learn numbers as well as how to write the numbers.

Jazzy 123 : counting different music instruments, kids not only learn counting, but also music instruments

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Count Up to 10: a set of 4 games teaching kids counting and number recognition. The difficulty levels move up while kids progress along the game play.

Number Rack : a free app providing a virtual abacus for kids to play with while count the number of beads.

Number Line : a free app that visualizes numbers on number lines. Kids can count the units on the number lines and grasp the number ideas. It is also a great tool to learn skip counting.

Native Numbers : an app not only teaches kids counting, but also the meaning of numbers, so kids have full understanding of the number concepts.

Zobits Math Adventure : space themed math app designed for preschool kids to learn numbers and counting. Kids go through 5 chapters of games, starting with counting within 5, to counting to 20.

Lola’s Math Train : learn counting while taking the training ride with Lola the panda and her friends.

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Montessori Numbers : following Montessori principles, with great visual and interactive feature, kids learn number concepts, counting, and different ways of number expressions and notations.

Intro to Math : another Montessori math app teaching fundamental number concepts and counting.

iLearn with Boing : a cute math game app designed for preschool kids, kids learn numbers, counts, and simple additions.

Free the Balloon : a fun skip counting apps for kids, the starting of the games are counting by 1, so younger kids can use it too.

Speed : based on the popular card game, Speed lets kids practice skip counting with fun card games. There is a lite version for users to test out.

This is part of our Best Learning Tools for Kids on iPad series. For complete list of best learning tools for Kids on iPad and links to all posts, please visit: Free Essential Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets. In the series, we have best learning tools for the following subjects:
Math Concepts in General ; Counting ; Telling Time
Phonics ; Spelling ; Vocabulary ; Grammar ; Storytelling
Computer Coding ; Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Second Language
must have free learning tools for kids on iPad and other tablets

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