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45 Cool Math Games for Kids By Age and Learning Objective

fraction math games

Math is an important subject in school and everyday life. It not only helps us understand and calculate numbers, but also helps us on logical thinking and referencing. Sometimes math can be boring. It is great if we can make math fun for kids, so they will enjoy learning this important subject. Luckily there are many fun math games available, be it online, or an app. How to choose math games for your kids? Here are some good math games we came across over the years. We put them into buckets by kids age and learning purpose, such as math facts practice, word problems.

Cool Math Games for Kids – 45 Math Game Apps for Kids

In general, math games for younger kids are more general in nature and cover a broad areas within math. Math games for older kids tend to focus on certain specific math skills. When appropriate, we break those apps into groups based on learning purpose, such as math facts practice, logical thinking.

Clicking on each app name will take you to a page with more information about that app. We hope this list of math games for kids is helpful.
Math Games for Kids, grouped by grade and targeting skill, including math games for preschool, kindergarten, grade 1 to grade 12, with math facts drill, fraction, critical and logical thinking, word problems. Math Class, Homeschool, Math Club

Math Games for Preschool kids:

TeachMe Preschool, include subjects beyond math, with good math coverage

Math in Action : has 4 sections in the app: Sorting, Addition, Subtraction, and Transformation

Learn Math with Gozoa : learn fundamental math while playing games

Peg + Cat Big Gig : learn math while playing music

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First Operation: based on Montessori principles

Intro to Math: introducing math concepts using Montessori principles

Jazzy 123 : learn math musically

iLearn Boing: Savannah Adventure : covers multiple early math areas with fun games

Lola’s Math Train : learn fundamental math via taking a train ride

Montessori Numbers : another Montessori math app helping kids learn about numbers

Dinosaur Train Classic in the Jurassic Jr. : great for young dinosaur fans

Little Digits – Finger Counting : count fingers on iPad – how fun!

Math Games for school age kids covering general math areas:

Montessori Math: Add and Subtract Large Numbers

Splash Math: also available on website that can be accessed on computer or app. Common core aligned.

Marble Math Jr : also test out fine motor skills and strategic thinking, designed for kids in Grade K-2

Marble Math : similar game play as Marble Math Jr, with math problems for kids in upper elementary school

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iTooch Math: a series of apps with one app for each grade

TeachMe Grade1 to 3 : one app for each grade with good math coverage

Patterns by EdNinja : learn shapes, numbers, patterns

Mathemagics: mental math tricks

Lola’s Fruit Shop: Sudoku : learn to play Sudoku

Math Games for Math Fact Practice

Math Evolve : addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Madagascar Math (Free): addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Fetch Lunch Rush (Free): a scavenger hunt game, kids not only practice additions, but also get moving around

Bugsy’s Math Quest: multiplication and division facts

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Bugsy in Math Kingdom: addition and subtraction facts

Addimals: single digit addition

MultiFlow: practice multiplication

Baseball Multiplication : multiplication

45 Math Game Apps for Kids, grouped by Age and Learning Objective, including math games for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 to grade 12, with math facts practice, critical and logical thinking, word math problems, and more. They are fun and practicing math is not boring anymore!

Math Mathews: addition and subtraction

Bubble Math : addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Math Vs. Zombies : addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Speed: practice skip counting

Free the Balloon (Free): skip counting games

Math games teaching logical and critical thinking

Math Land (Free) for school age kids

A+ Click (Free) for kids from preschool to high school

Sushi Monster (Free): reversed math thinking on multiplication and addition

Bolt : build math equations with given numbers, can be played by multiple players simultaneously

Math Games embedded in stories and word math problems

Jack and the Beanstalk: for school age kids. Kids solve math problems to move the story forward.

iLiveMath series: a series of apps focusing on different subjects, and kids solve math problems related to real life subjects

Mystery Math Town : solve mysteries with math problems

Wild Kratts Creature Math: solve math problem while learn about wild animals

Hope this is helpful for your finding the right math game app for your child. If you like more hands-on activities to help kids learn math and related subjects, like science engineer and technology, check out STEAM Kids. It is an eBook written by a group educators and engineers with well designed STEAM (Science Technology Engineer Art Math) activities for kids. There are 52 activities in the book, one for each week of the year. Each activity has extension ideas for kids who are interested to learn more. The material lists and shopping lists are very helpful when you plan the activities. The step by step guides make it easier for parents and teachers.
STEAM Kids Book

This list collects best apps and tools for math practice. For math learning, please visit Best Math Learning Tools for Kids.
Best Math Learning Tools for Kids
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