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9 Free Math Learning Websites for Kids

Splash Math

A while ago, we put together a list of 10 reading programs that continuous offer free books. Today we have a list of free math programs that continuously offer free math practice games and lessons to kids. All programs are available online on computers, and also work on mobile devices like iPhone and iPad.

9 Free Math Learning Websites

9 Free math websites that offer daily free math games, drills, math lessons for kids. Great STEM teaching resource for preschool, grade k to 5, middle and high school.
If you want to learn more about each website, click on the website name for more information.

10Monkeys: a website that offers fun math practice with cute monkeys. Based on kids age, they will have different choices of math topics. Membership is required to track users performance. Otherwise, you can use it as guest for free.

Splash Math: with a free membership, you can have 20 math problems for free everyday. The practice covers content from Grade 1 to 5, all are common core aligned.

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IXL: you can have 20 math problems for free every day. The practice covers math from PreK to Grade 8. You can search by grade level and by topic.

A+Click: I like this site a lot, because all problems go beyond math facts. Kids have to use their logical and creative thinking skills to solve the problems. You can search practices by grade level or by topics. It offers math practice for kids in grade 1 to 12.

Oxford Owl : a website that offers free ebooks and math games. You can search math games by kids age.

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Khan Academy: offers free online course on many topics, with very comprehensive math coverage. Kids can take lessons as well as practice math. With the free app, users can download the course to watch offline.

Funbrain : offers both math and reading materials. The math content is very comprehensive, but are fun games for kids to enjoy the learning.

Education.com : there are many games, activities and free printables on the site. To find math games, you can click on Games on the menu right under the Logo on the home page, then select Math Games on the drop down menu. You can choose games by grade level or by math topics.

MathTV : a website offering free math videos for kids. All videos are mini-courses. You can search the videos by topics or by textbooks. Covers contents from elementary school to college.

Do you know any good free math website that also works on iPad?

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