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10 Ways to Watch Good Kids Movies for Free Anytime

10 Ways to Watch Good Kids Movies for Free Anytime post image

As new stream technology getting more advanced, there are many ways to watch movies and TV shows besides sitting in front of a TV or in movie theatres, many are even free. Today we share 10 ways to watch high quality, good educational movies for kids free, anytime, any where.

10 Ways to Watch Good Movies with Kids for Free

10 Ways to Watch Good Movies for Kids for Free Anytime - With the new technology available, there are surprising ways to access high quality movies on different devices. Great educational resources for school or home family movie nights.All options below are available on iPad and iPhone, many are available on Android and computers. To learn more about each option, click on the option name, you will see more detailed information for each.

PBS Kids video: kids can watch full episodes of PBS Kids TV shows on mobile devices via this free app. All episodes are full length and are free. There are might be region restriction.

BrainPop: short educational movies for kids covering a wide variety of topics, science, history, Engineering & technology, Social Studies, English, Arts & Music, and Health subjects. The free contents are plenty and are always seasonal, although you can purchase subscription for access for all movies at any time.

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BrainPop Jr: Junior version of BrainPop, with less movies each day and shorter movies to fit young children’s attention span and comprehension level.

MagicFlix: a free app for kids age 12 and under to watch curated educational videos and movie clips categorized into 10 channels: Music, Phonics, Kinderzoo, Animals, Math, NASA, News, Science, Spanish, Nature.

Watch Disney: a free stream program allowing users to watch Disney TV shows on mobile devices or on computers. You don’t need a subscription to watch full episodes. The free apps are available for Apple and Android devices. The shows are for school age kids, like Dog with a blog, Good Luck Charlie.

Watch Disney Junior: Same as Watch Disney, but with the shows for younger kids, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Watch Disney XD: Same as Watch Disney, but for tween and teens, like Phineas and Ferb, 9th grade ninja.

Brainfeed: educational videos for kids curated by educators. Kids can find videos fit into categories: Science, This is your world, Tech and Design, English, Arts and Music, The Human Body, Social Studies, Math, and Make your Future.

Smithsonian Channel: a free app available on all devices, even computers. There are always over 20 movies of full length for users to watch for free. Others are short clips. All are categorized into channels. It is a good place to search for subject-specific movies and movie clips.

Docurama: a free app with over 1000 free documentary movies. All are full length movies. Currently is has 16 channels, covering categories like Pop Culture, Sports Thrillers, Biography, History & Politics, Arts and Music, Human Interest, Travel.

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The following 3 options are not completely free, but all offer a free trial or some free features. I listed them here because their high quality content. You can decide if they are worth the subscription.

PlayKids: a free app available for both Apple and Android devices. The best feature is the ability to download the full episodes to watch off line. All episodes are free for 7 days then you need subscription to have continued access. Currently there are 21 TV shows included, Daniel Tiger, Dinosaur Train, Poko, Monster Math Squad are some examples.

Disney Movie Anywhere: a free app letting you watch Disney movies on the go. You do need purchase movies, but many times they give away free movies. What I like the best is it allows you to load your DVD into the app via a code, so you can watch your DVD on your device.

Netflix: Netflix is available on all devices. I started using it more after they set out a Kids section. There are many good educational movies on Netflix. You have one month free, then need subscription.

Amazon Prime Video: If you have Amazon Prime, you can have free access to many movies and TV shows and watch whenever you want to. Like Netflix, you can try the prime for free for one month before you decide if you like it or not.

For more resource on good movies for kids, please visit Good Movies for Kids – Educational and Fun, where you will find movie suggestions for different seasons, subjects, and tips on teaching with movies.
Educational Movies for Kids
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  • Garnetics

    We always watch educational tv programs with children in the backyard in the evening. Now we’ll start to watch children’s films, thanks for the tips.

  • Deborah from Mommy Crusader

    I’m a huge fan of Netflix, but hadn’t heard of the Disney options. Thanks for this list and the great ideas.

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