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Free Online Non-fiction Reading For Kids

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We all know today’s kids facing a changing world, that the knowledge base of human being grows faster and faster. It is crucial for kids to have the skills to be a self-learner. They can gather information from different sources and decipher the information, connect the dots, and form their own knowledge base and opinions on subjects they need learn. One big building block in this self-learning process is reading non-fiction materials. Reading non-fiction is very different from reading fiction books. With fiction books, there are the storylines attracting kids’ interest, making them want to read more. But non-fiction has no enticing storylines, instead, they are fact based. How to identify the key facts or the information you need from the long article about a subject? How to connect two or three seemingly non related articles and draw conclusions? These are all important skills. Today we share some free online resources of non-fiction reading for kids.

9 Free Online Non Fiction Books and Reading Resources for Kids

free online non fiction books and reading resources for kids
DKFindOut is a free online encyclopedia for kids with subjects like Animals and Nature, Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, Earth, English, History, Human Body, Math, Science, Space, Music, Art, Literature. With its pleasant visual and videos, it is a great beginning nonfiction reading for kids.

Weird But True is a free book from National Geographic with tons of fun facts of interesting things that you usually don’t think about. The readings are short but fun. It is a good start on non fiction for kids

Unite for Literacy is a free app for kids. Most of the books in the app are non-fictions.

Shout Science is a free app with 3 scientists’ biography. If kids are used to read fiction books, biography will be a good start of non-fiction for kids, as this is the type that is closest to fiction.

National Geographic Young Explorer is available on the website as well as a free app for mobile devices. It has both English and Spanish. I love the section for teachers with guided lesson plans.

Yahoo News Digest is a free app with daily news updates. I like the family friendly contents and kids friendly interface. It is not easy to find news sources that are kids safe, and so far I have found it quite safe for we to read the news together with my child.

Smithsonian Tribune is one of our favorite. Compiled and edited by subject experts at Smithsonian, it covers various subjects, and there are questions for each article. The articles and questions are leveled based on kids reading skills. Highly recommend for any one who want to improve nonfiction reading skills.

Youngzine is a free news website designed for kids, so kids can have a safe environment to stay updated on things going on around them and around the world. If school teacher sign up an account, she/he can set up a community for kids to talk about the news too. The website also function on mobile devices.

Science 360 is a free app from National Science Foundation with updated science news. It required higher level reading skills, so kids in preschool and early elementary schools will need parents help.

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