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DIY Nature Science Summer Camp at Home

DIY Nature Science Summer Camp at Home post image

Are you looking for summer ideas? Summer is a great time to explore the nature. Will a nature science summer camp sound good? I put together a DIY nature science camp with 5 nature themes for 5 days. Each theme has multiple activities to accommodate different age groups. Depending on your time, you can also break them into one theme each week, since there are 5 to 10 activities for each theme.

Nature Science Summer Camp at Home

DIY nature science summer camp at home with hands on activities, for kids preschool to school age. Explore science and enjoy outdoor. Five nature themes for 5 days or 5 weeks. Rain, Wind, Insect, Flower, Sand

Nature Science Camp Day 1 – Wind Science Activities

For younger kids, pinwheel and paper airplanes are fun to make. Talk to them about why the pinwheel spin and what makes airplane fly.

For older kids, making a wind vine or anemometer will incorporate both science and math into the activity.

For all activity ideas, visit wind science activities, and there is even a free wind fact sheet.

Nature Science Camp Day 2 – Study the Bugs

For young kids, you can simply do a bug search and count. For older kids, while older kids can set up a choice chamber to observe the insects habitat choices. Go to Bug Science Activities to find out more.

Nature Science Camp Day 3 – The Science of Rain

Even if you don’t have rain in nature, you can make rain in a jar. It is always a fun activity for preschool and kindergarten kids.

Old kids can make a rain gauge, test and compare pH levels of rain water.

Visit Rain Science Activities for detailed instructions.

Nature Science Camp Day 4 – Fun with Flowers

No matter what age kids are, they can learn the parts of the flowers by dissecting a flower. Older kids can set up an experiment to see what is the ideal sugar concentration to keep flower fresh longer.

Interested in learning more on how to set up the experiments? Visit Amazing Flower Science Activities for Kids.

Nature Science Camp Day 5 – Science about Sand

Have you observed sand under magnifying glasses? Kids young or old will be amazed at what they see. Mixing sand and different sized rocks, you can demonstrate Brazil Nut Effect.

Older kids can build a well with sand and rocks to understand how wells work.

For more sand ideas and instructions, visit Sand Science Experiments for Kids.

Summer is a great time to go outside and enjoy the nature. Hope these nature science ideas will keep your kids busy and happy.

For more nature science ideas, visit 100+ Nature Science Activities for Kids.
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