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Easy Summer Science Activities for Kids

Easy Summer Science Activities for Kids post image

Summer is a fun time for kids. There is no school and they can spend time on what they want to do. This is a great time to do summer science activities with them. When it is warmer, you can take many science activities outdoor. It is the perfect time to do nature science activities. We collected a few science activities for you to do with kids, many are outdoor, some are indoor, for those bad weather days.

Summer Science Activities for Kids

Hands-on easy summer science activities for kids, in backyard, at the park, in your kitchen, bird, bug, rain, wind, sun, moon, sand, water, ice. Have your own science lab with cool summer STEM ideas

Do you get a lot rain in summer? Summer is the time I don’t mind kids playing in the rain. While they are out playing, try these 8 rain science experiments for kids. Make a rain gauge, test rain water pH level, … so fun!

If you have a lot winds, try these wind science experiments to learn about wind power.

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After studying rain and wind, you may want to explore more about weather. Try these 10 Weather Science Experiments with kids. Have you tried creating lightning at home? How about tornado?

Rain Science for Kids
Wind Science Experiments for Kids
Weather Science for Kids

Summer is the time when sun is closer to the earth. It is the best time to study solar power. Why not take some time to conduct these science experiments to study the sun?

Going to the beach? Try these 7 sand science activities. You can also do these at the sandbox. All you need are sand and water, and some sand toys.

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A good company to sand is water. We have 7 Water Science Experiments for kids of all ages. Water bending is our favorite.

Sand Science Experiments for Kids
Water Science for Kids
Sun Science for Kids

In a hot summer day, it is nice to play with some thing cold, like ice, especially if you can eat some. Try these 8 Amazing Ice Science Activities to help kids cool down, and have fun!

Do you have a yard or indoor plants and flowers? In summer, plants are fully grown, and flowers are blooming. It is time for Plant science experiments and Flower Science Activities.

Do your children like to sleep in in summer? This means they can stay up late at night. Keep them entertained with these fun After Dark Science Activities

When kids stay late at night, they will see the moon more often. If they ask about the moon, try these 7 Science Activities for Kids to Learn about the Moon. Do you know why we always see the same side of the moon?

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Plant Science for Kids
Science after dark for Kids
Flower Science Experiments for Kids

After studying the moon, you may want to learn about the stars. Here are 7 fun activities for children to learn about stars and constellation. I love going out at night, watching the sky using these stargazing apps. It is so helpful you see all the information and data on the screen while searching the stars in the sky.

Summer is definitely the time to try some messy outdoor science experiments. We collected 11 fun backyard experiments with amazing effects. All kids will love them.

Many kids like to play with bugs. Try these 8 simple science activities with bugs. For those who don’t like to touch bugs, you can use these 10 interactive apps about bugs and insects for kids. There are many pictures and videos in these apps. They look so real, just like you are right in front of them.

Bug Insect Science for Kids
stargazing for Kids
Backyard Science Experiments for Kids
Summer science activities experiments at home, backyard, kitchen, with bird, bugs, rain, sand, sun, moon. STEM science lab at home.


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