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10 Kids Apps About Bugs – Fun and Educational

On beyond bugs all about insects

Do you have a child who like to play with bugs? Or do you have a child who’s afraid of bugs? Spring time is a good time to learn about bugs and get some hands on experience with them. Today we have 10 kids apps about bugs. If your child loves to play with bugs, these apps will help them to learn more about them, and even expand from their interest in bugs into learning other subjects. If your child doesn’t like to play with bugs, these apps serve as gentle introduction about bugs, so they can learn about bugs without touching them or even getting close to them.

10 Kids Educational Apps About Bugs

10 Kids Apps about Bugs
Grandma loves bugs: there are 10 mini-games in the app, lead by the fun grandma. All games are related with bugs. Kids learn identifying bugs, bug anatomy and color, as well as numbers, letters, and simple vocabulary.

Noisy Bug Sing Along: besides being a beautiful picture book, this app teaches kids about bugs through the sound they make. Kids will hear different sounds that different bugs make, learn where the sound come from. For each bug, there is a visual showing the sound wavelength. It is interesting to “see” the different sound of different bugs.

Alphabet of Insects: From Aphids to Zebra Caterpillars and everything in between, kids will love learning about insects with this Smithsonian Institution-certified app.

On Beyond Bugs – All About Insects: from Dr.Seuss Cat in the Hat Learning Library, On Beyond Bugs is a fun read about insects. Kids will learn everything about insects in the Seussical style. With the word highlight and picture-word association features, it is also a great early literature book.

Ladybug at Orchard Avenue: we briefly reviewed this app while putting the list of Best Nature and Animal Science Apps for Elementary School Kids. It is another app from Smithsonian series. Kids will follow the ladybug and experience the world through ladybug’s eyes and learn about ladybug’s life.

Meet the Insects: Forest Edition: an encyclopedia and insect observation journal for kids. Kids learn about insects residing in forests, from their life cycle to living habits. The vivid multimedia content makes you feel you are right there in the forest living with the insects. The journal function allows kids to record their own observation and research.

Meet the Insects: Water and Grass Edition: From the same series of Meet the Insects mentioned above, this one is about insects residing near water and grass area. It has the same app structure and same stunning multimedia materials. They also have an app for Insects of Village Edition.

Bugs and Buttons: there are 18 bug and button themed games helping children gain various skills. Kids will have fun playing games, like guiding a bug cross a river and a street, while learning about colors, shapes, and gain fine motor skills.

Bug Games: 4 learning games with bugs. Kids will love the puzzles with ants, the music played by crickets, and the pictures drew by spiders via connecting numbers.

Do you have fun bug apps to recommend?

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