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Best Natural and Animal Science Apps for Elementary School Kids

Kids Animal Science App

Today’s Best Educational Apps for Kids list is Best Natural and Animal Science Apps for Elementary School Kids (age 6 to 10). There is another list of science apps for this age group but on other subjects, such as astronomy, physics, or chemistry. For this other science app list, you can visit Best Science Apps for Elementary Kids. Please add your favorite nature and animal science apps in the comment area. I will update the list periodically.

Best Natural and Animal Science Apps for Elementary School Kids

Best nature animal science app for elementary school age kids, students in grade 1 to 6. Fun STEM resource for science learning

I really like the series of Smithsonian book apps.  There are 9 apps in the series now, with more to come. Some great titles in the series:

Polar Bear Horizon: a fun and informative story about a polar bear and her cubs’ journey to sea in early spring.  It is a beautifully illustrated book app. All the facts are reviewed by Smithsonian Institution for accuracy. The app also has a glossary and polar bear fact section for kids if they want to learn more …

Penguin’s Family: follow the adventure of the baby penguin and his family while they travel through the west coast of Peru. When penguin hatches, Mother and Father Penguin keep him warm and feed him mushed anchovies and other tiny fish. As Penguin grows older, they protect him from hungry sea birds. Now, Penguin must learn to be safe on his own …

It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex: with amazing graphics and powerful sound effects, this app recreates a bygone world and give kids a glimpse into the life of this incredible creature Tyrannosaurus Rex. Kids can experience the exciting adventures of the prehistoric age and learn fascinating facts about the prehistoric world.

Otter on His Own: a fun and beautiful story about a sea otter’s growing up, learning how to dive, hunt, and survive on his own. Will he escape the great white shark’s attack? All facts are reviewed by Smithsonian Institution. If the kids want to read more, there is a sea otter fact section for extended learning.

Ladybug at Orchard Avenue: gives a bug’s eye view of the exciting world just outside a child’s window. Follow this enchanting journey through a ladybug’s miniature world and learn about the predators she faces, the aphids she hunts and what secret place she will call her home for the winter.

Another good series is The Cat in the Hat Learning Library. There are 5 titles in the series right now. Here are two of them:

Ice is Nice: follow Sally, Dick, and the Cat in the Hat to the North and South Poles, meet native animals—reindeer, polar bears, caribou, and discover how the animals stay warm in the freezing cold. Do you know why it’s colder at the South Pole than at the North Pole? I really like the “instant glossary” feature, letting kids tap the word on the page for word definition.

A Whale of a Tale: take a underwater tour with the Cat in the Hat searching for whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Children will learn facts like: How do cetaceans stay warm without hair? What is the difference between a fish tail and a whale tail? How to use echolocation to find prey and to highlight migration patterns on a world chart.

Besides the two series mentioned above, below are some more apps on natural and animal science for kids age 6 to 10:

Turtle Trek: the first app from Sea World, it is designed as a game app. By guiding the turtle through the sea, finding food, meeting friends, avoiding predators, kids earn stickers to uncover fun facts of sea creatures. There are 22 fun facts to uncover. The app is free with In-App Purchases, but you don’t need use In App Purchase to uncover all the fun facts.

Meet the insects – Forest Edition: a wonderful encyclopedia of forest insects. With seamlessly integrated multimedia contents, kids will be fully inmerged into the beautiful forest insects world. They can search insects by shape (size and color). In addition, kids can also upload their own discoveries onto the app, such as pictures, names, locations, features.

Peterson Feeder Birds of North America: Peterson has two bird guide apps. This is the free app, including 160 common North American backyard birds. For kids in elementary school, these are birds they see the most. If your child really into birds, you can get the comprehensive bird guide for North America, including 810 birds, but it is not free.

Britannica Kids: Rainforests: another great multimedia encyclopedia app. Kids learn the secrets and mysteries of rain forests: plants, animals, and people. A total of 21 animals are featured in the app. After going through the articles, pictures, and videos, kids can play games and take quizzes to test out their knowledge on everything rain forest.
Best animal and natural science apps for elementary kids - a great STEM resource for school or homeschool
What are your child’s favorite natural and animal science apps?  Please leave a comment with the app names. I will update the list periodically.

If your kids are interested in science, make sure visit another list Best Science Apps for Elementary School Kids. For all lists of the series, please visit the page Best Educational Apps for Kids.
best science apps for elementary school kids
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