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250 Free Halloween Math Printable Worksheets

250 Free Halloween Math Printable Worksheets post image

Kids are easily excited for Halloween. How to leverage their excitement into learning? Here are some fun Halloween themed math printable worksheets for kids. All are free. I like printables. Especially during busy holiday seasons, it is the easiest way to keep kids occupied and entertained. Of course, it is always a plus if they are having fun while learning something.

250+ Free Halloween Math Printable Worksheets for Kids

Halloween math free printable worksheets for students preK to grand 5, with Halloween themes: pumpkin, ghost, bat, candy and more

For kids just start learning numbers and counting, these 2 counting sheets are fun ones to use during the Halloween season. Kids will count bats, and brooms, … with numbers within 10.

For those who are beyond single-digit numbers, you can try these counting sheets with numbers from 10 to 20 for kids to count black cats, ghosts, and other fun objects.

If you want to add more fun to the counting, try this set of Halloween Search and Count. Kids search for bat, ghost, cat, … in the picture, and count the total of each type. There are 3 sheets with 3 difficulty levels for kids of different ages.

Related: 50+ Free Math Worksheets for 6-8 Grade – These worksheets cover a range of topics, from pre-algebra to trigonometry, giving students enough exposure to all the topics.

Another fun way to count is counting with this Halloween Countdown Ghost Chart. It is like an advent calendar for Halloween. Kids will love putting the cotton balls to cover the ghosts.

It is fun to play the number game with bingo, of course, a Halloween theme.

This is a set of printables for number and addition

Part of the reasons kids get excited is the candies they get on Halloween. These math activities with printables provided let kids learn math and hypothesis with the candies they get.

This set of 20 pages spooky math worksheets includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

For kids to practice addition and multiplication with decimals and for fun number games like Sudoku, you can find these 9 worksheets helpful.

If you have more than one child and they are at different levels, you will like these 100+ worksheets for kids from PreK to 5th grade. The types of practice range from numbers and counting, to pre-algebra and simple geometry.

Here is another place to find over 100 Halloween-themed math worksheets, ranging from number, counting, and pattern, to addition subtraction multiplication and division.

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Free Halloween math printable worksheets to channel kids excitement into engaging math practice, from preschool to fifth grade.
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