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21 Best Math Apps Teaching Math Concepts with Games

21 Best Math Apps Teaching Math Concepts with Games post image

It is hard to find the right math learning resources for kids. Today we share best math apps teaching math concepts with fun games for kids. There are many math apps available, we have put together 45 math game apps for kids grouped by age and learning objectives. However, in this learning tool post, we only include math apps that can be used as teaching and learning tools, apps that explain math concepts behind the numbers, not just practice app. For math practice apps, please refer to 45 math game apps for kids grouped by age and learning objectives.

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Best Math Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets

Best math apps games teaching math concepts from preschool kindergarten to middle and high school, math games for number senses, concept explanations and lessons with drills and practic, targeted math learning activities. Most are free. Great for classroom math centers, homeschool, or after school at home.

If you need more information on any of the apps or learning tools, please click on the app title. You will open another window with more information on that app or learning tool.

Number rack : a teaching tool to help kids gain number concept visually. With 10 lines of beads, and 10 beads on each line, kids can move them along the line to learn counting, addition, subtraction, or even simple multiplication and division.

Number Line : great visualization tool to illustrate the relationships between different numbers.

Number Piece : use the Base10 concept to visualize the numbers and math operations. A great tool to explain the fundamental math concepts.

Little Digits : learn numbers by count the number of fingers touching iPad. How cool is that!

Tic Toc Time : teaching kids about time, starting from how people tell time historically to how we tell time now.

Montessori Numbers : hands on approach to help kids learn number concepts

Intro to Math : introduce number concepts using Montessori methods

Montessori First Operation : teach kids basic concepts of addition and subtraction

Montessori Math: Add and Subtract Large Numbers : a follow up app from Montessori First Operation, as the title of the app suggested, it teaches kids addition and subtraction with larger numbers that involve more advanced concepts like regrouping

Geoboard : a hands-on geometry learning tool, kids can create various geometric shapes, learn numbers, counting, shapes, areas, …

Teachley Mt.Multiplis : teach kids the properties of multiplication and how to use the properties to solve math problems faster.

Oh no fraction : visualize the fractions for each comparison, simple and effective.

Thinking Blocks Series : based on Singapore Math method, this series help kids set up a visual model to think through the math problems as a way to solve the problems. Available as apps on iPad and as web tools on computers.

DragonBox is a fun app teaching fundamental algebra to young children. It transforms the abstract concept into easy and fun visual pictures and games, making it possible for kids start learning algebra from as young as kindergarten.

PhotoMath is a free app that lets you scan the math problem into the app and the app provides solution and answer to the problem. It is a great algebra homework helper or a self-study tool for middle school kids.

Desmos is a free app of math graphing. It can instantly show the graph after you input an algebra equation. The graph changes when you change the parameters. It makes algebra learning intuitive with those instant visuals. It is available on computer and tablets.

Khan academy : have very well designed math courses covering a wide age range. Kids take lessons and do practices. The app keeps track each child’s progress.

Mathemagics – Mental Math Tricks : teach kids math tricks to do it quicker. It is not the way math is taught in most schools, but it will help kids fully appreciate math with deeper understanding of math calculations.

Algebra Touch : teach concepts in Algebra without much calculation involved, so even kids who are not good at numbers can enjoy learning algebra.

Mathemagics – Easy Algebra Fast : Similar to Mathemagics – Mental Math Tricks, this one offers tricks for algebra.

iFormulas : this app has all the math formulas you will need. If you forget or don’t know a math formula, this is a hand tool to go to. It includes formulas for algebra, calculus, geometry, and more.
Best Math Learning Tools for kids from preschool kindergarten to middle and high school, including math games for drills and practice, concept explanations and lessons, targeted math learning activities. Most are free.  Great for classroom math centers, homeschool, or after school at home.
This is part of our Best Learning Tools for Kids on iPad series. For complete list of best learning tools for Kids on iPad and links to all posts, please visit: Free Essential Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets. In the series, we have best learning tools for the following subjects:
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Computer Coding ; Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Second Language
must have free learning tools for kids on iPad and other tablets

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  • Crystal

    You’re missing some really great ones! Dragonbox has a few different apps that are awesome.

    The “new kid on the block” is Prodigy and it’s incredible. It’s available as an app for iPad, a Chrome extension, or you can access it via most Android tablets or regular PCs. It’s free, engaging and kids love it.

    • Thanks for the reminder Crystal. I actually reviewed both these apps, and should have added them. I will.

  • Science Kiddo

    Great list! We also love Khan Academy, though I wasn’t aware they have an app. We always use it on our desktop. Thanks for linking up at STEM Saturday!

  • Brandi

    We love Khan Academy! It’s perfect for when the kiddos just aren’t getting the concept the way I’m explaining it.

    • I agree. I love how they explain those concepts. It seems a lot easier to understand. 🙂

  • Jude

    It would be helpful to know, from your description, if they are paid apps, freemium etc. Thanks

    • click on each app title, you will get more information, including price.

  • Gwen

    Great list! We have also used Khan Academy and really liked it. My son also likes Math Ninja. It’s a good one that lets them be a ninja and they earn better weapons and upgrades to fight off a giant tomato and his little army. It sounds crazy but it feels so much like a game that he is happy to play it. Thanks so much!

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