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FREE App: Learn Fraction Comparison with Visual Help

Oh No Fractions

Fraction is a math concept that is easy to understand conceptually, but can get tricky when doing comparisons. Oh No Fractions is a simple FREE math app helping kids understand fraction comparison with intuitive visuals.

Opening the app, kids will see two fractions. They need decide if the one on the left is GREATER or LESS than the one on the right, and slide their answer into the middle of the screen. After tapping on “I’M SURE”, they can check if their answers are right or not. They can also tap on “Prove it!” to see the visual prove of their answer.  I think this is the best part of the app. Once kids tap on “Prove it”, two bars of equal height will show up, each is divided into equal spaces based on the denominators of the earlier shown fractions. Kids tap the number of boxes to fill in the numerators, and see the two fractions compared side-by-side on the screen.
Oh No Fractions App
I like it being simple, and the visual comparison between two fractions can really help kids understand the true meaning of the numbers.  I particularly like it having kids fill in the boxes to create the visual of each fraction. It makes kids feel they are in charge and is a great reinforcement of the fraction concepts.  If you have a child who is working on fractions, this is a great visual tool to use.

Oh No Fractions works on iPhone, iPod, and iPAD.  It is FREE on App Store.

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  • Robert Tangluklian

    Did anybody notice that the fractions in the sample problem can be simplified to 1/2 and 1/3, and then compared as unit fractions? This is why I’m not a fan of these apps: smart technology, but bad design means that students use unnecessary and/or inefficient strategies….

    • Robert, it may not seem straight forward from your perspective, however, some kids need a practice like this to fully understand the concept of fraction. Not all tools are built to fit everyone’s need. Each individual has different learning style, and different ways to process information, it doesn’t work for you, but it may work for some one else.

  • Jefferson

    This is fun for friends and family to enjoy.

  • maryanne @ mama smiles

    This sounds like a great way for kids to learn more about fractions!

  • John Jaksich

    That seems to be a good app.

    • It is so simple and easy to use, but might just be the help many kids need to understand the concept.

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