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App News : Write to Read for iPad – Learn to read by writing!

write-to-readAre you finding it really hard to teach your kids how to write and read? Write to Read is a revolutionary and scientifically proven learning tool that teaches your child to read by writing. The app enables a child to write a sentence using his or her current level of written language and the adult “translates” the child’s writing into proper text.

For more information, go to http://writereader.com

Posted By: Write to Read Team

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  • I’m so glad there’s an app to help with that. My first two kids learned to read easily using a pure phonics approach. And, by the way, they are both excellent spellers! My third child just couldn’t seem to learn to read. Back then in the 80s we were a long way from today’s modern technology! An educational expert assessed her and said she was highly intelligent but also extremely visual AND kinetic. While she could memorize things while swinging rhythmically on a swing or learn addition and subtraction by hopping up and down on a number line drawn up a hill (literally), this didn’t help with reading. She needed to be able to read the words to learn to read–but she couldn’t read them yet! This expert advised us to use exactly this approach where she would tell me a very short story that I would write down and she would then work on sounding it out. It worked amazingly well, and today she’s a lawyer who has read more pages of material than I can even imagine!

    • This is an amazing story! Kudos to you finding a way that fits her learning style.

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