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  • Hi There,

    I am reaching out in regards to the upcoming Oman STEM Education Conference – Feb-24

    Let me know if you are keen to receive additional information.

  • Amanda Beteille


    What Would a huge increase in relevant traffic mean for your business? If I could greatly increase the amount of customers who are interested in your products and services, wouldn’t you be interested.

    Best Regards

  • Kelly Wade

    Hi! I love the tips you have on your webpage. I am working with a group of parents to help them get started in technology for their kids. Some of them speak spanish only. I am wondering if you would be able to add google translator to your website so the spanish speaking parents would be able to access your information.

    Kelly Wade

    • I tried that before. The translation is not good and mis-translate quite a lot. I don’t want to people take the content into a way that is not I meant to say.

  • Catherine Kolkoski

    I just discovered that your blog is on a list of the 25 Top Technology Blogs. I thought your name looked familiar and then I realized you had liked my last couple of blogs. Now I feel really honored! Congratulations on being top 25! http://www.circleofmoms.com/top25/Top-25-Tech-Moms-2013

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