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DIY Computer Coding Camp at Home

DIY Computer Coding Camp at Home post image

Why coding camp for kids? In today’s world, almost everything we do is connected with computers. Shopping, cooking, banking, … Computer literacy is essential for modern life. It is important for everyone to have basic understanding of how computer works, even if you are not planning to be a computer engineer. One big part of understanding computers is to understand how we communicate with computers. Computer coding or programming is basically the language we use to communicate with computers. Since we are surrounded with computers, of course, we need able to talk to them and understand what they say.

What is the best way to teach computer coding? The best way to teach coding is to teach the key coding skills first. Why?

unplugged coding games for kids learn essential coding skills. no computer needed. Free game included.

When we teach kids new languages, English, Spanish, Chinese, … we don’t teach kids writing novels or thesis right away. We start by teaching them the skills, such as fine motor skills for writing letters, sounding out words for spelling, grammar for constructing sentences. These seemly non-related skills are essential enablers for kids to write long paragraphs, articles, and even books later in their lives. The same is true for teaching computer language. We need start with the essential skills for the key building blocks of computer literacy.

How is Coding Camp by iGameMom Different?

The key focus of iGameMom’s coding camp is the skills kids need to be an efficient computer programmer. You can find these skills in the article Crucial Coding Skills Kids Need. As you can see, many of these skills are not just for programming, they are critical skills for any careers.

The activities are designed for kids age 5 to 10. As the focus is skills not the coding languages themselves, all activities are off-screen. You don’t need computers! We have designed all the games that you can print out, with instructions.

To run the camp, simply follow the instructions listed by days. Clicking on the title of each day, you can access detailed instructions for that day. Each day there is a game designed for that day’s focus of skills. You can download the game through the download link. After the games, there will be extension activity ideas that you can do with kids to reinforce the skills.

Download the Coding Games: Hot Dog Coding Game Bundle

Also on TpT (works for VAT countries) Hot Dog Coding Game Bundle on TpT

DIY coding camp for beginner at home for kids age 5 to 10, teach girls and boys programming skills with 5 printable games + extension activity ideas | STEM camp | tech camp | homeschool | ICT | Hour of Code

iGameMom Coding Camp Day 1 – Introduction of the Important Skills

Via a fun printable coding game, kids are exposed to the 5 skills that are important for coding.

iGameMom Coding Camp Day 2 – Thinking from a Different Perspective and Abstraction Skills

Kids will give and then compare instructions given from different angles, then will be challenged for a solution that incorporates all different scenarios.

iGameMom Coding Camp Day 3 – How to Break a Big Task into Manageable Steps

This is in fact a great problem solving skill to have. Kids need be able to see through the project, and identify the path from beginning to end, and are capable of figuring out which need be done first, and why. It is great for improving kids executive function skills too.

We also have an extension activity idea that you can do with kids everyday: Practice morning routine and learn computer coding skills. There is a free printable worksheet that you can download and use with your kids.

Download the Coding Games: Hot Dog Coding Game Bundle

Also on TpT (works for VAT countries) Hot Dog Coding Game Bundle on TpT

iGameMom Coding Camp Day 4 – What to Do When Things Go Wrong and How to Debug

It is really rare that a coding project will be a success at the first try. What to do when the code doesn’t perform as you expected? The first step is to diagnose, find out where the problem is, and then you can fix the problem.

iGameMom Coding Camp Day 5 – Starting from the End

There are many ways to do a job. How do you know which way is the most efficient? Learn how to plan your project while thinking the end result first.

That is it. You have finished the first week of iGameMom Coding Camp. We will have more coding camps. The next one will require computers to write codes! To stay updated when the new coding games come out, sign up for our email newsletter to stay updated.

Follow the links for each day will lead to each coding game with detailed instructions. You can also download all coding games for this camp with one single click below:

Download the Coding Games: Hot Dog Coding Game Bundle

Also on TpT (works for VAT countries) Hot Dog Coding Game Bundle on TpT

For more coding resources, check out Best Online Coding Learning Tools for Kids.

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