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10 Cool Backyard Science Experiments for Kids

10 Cool Backyard Science Experiments for Kids post image

We love doing science experiments. When it is warm, it is a good idea to move science outdoor into the backyard. Today we share ideas of cool backyard science experiments for kids. Some use materials you can find in your backyard, some you want to do outside to avoid the mess inside your house. All are easy and fun for kids. Enjoy.

Cool Outdoor Science Experiments Kids Love

Love cool backyard science experiments with kids, great outdoor STEM activities at your backyard science lab. It is like a fun summer camp at home.

Create Mentos Geysers, both you and your kids will be amazed.

Rain in a Bag is a fun way to watch the water cycle and learn about the formation of rain.

Make a rainbow to learn the science of light. You will be amazed that there are so many ways to create a rainbow.

Make elephant toothpaste. This is a messy one, so it is best to do it outside.

Start homemade compost pile to learn about recycling. It will be interesting to see how food wastes turn into nutrient-rich mulch and fertilizer.

Make a backyard water wheel to learn water force and natural power resource.

Squirt gun volcano is a fun twist of the baking soda and vinegar experiment, but a fun way to do this outdoor.

Kids seem all love dramatic effects. This Exploding Sandwich Bag will definitely get their attention.

Who doesn’t like bouncy balls? How about making some bouncy balls of your own?

How about some home made giant bubbles? Every one will love it.

Do you have suggestions of cool backyard science experiments for kids?

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  • Shelah

    Wow, there are so many fun ways to explore science with kids on your site. You inspire me to do more science activities!

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