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16 Outdoor STEM Toys for Kids

16 Outdoor STEM Toys for Kids post image

When it is warmer, we all like to play outside. Play is the best way for kids to learn. What can we do to help them explore the world around them? These outdoor STEM toys are great for kids to enjoy outdoor and explore on their own at the same time.

Outdoor STEM Toys for Kids

Fun STEM toys for kids to explore and learn science technology engineering math while they enjoy outdoor activities. Ideas for preschool to school age kids | backyard family fun

Gardening Tools for Kids: besides kids size gardening tools, it features a STEM early learning guide to help kids learn about nature, animals and promotes outside playtime!

Outdoor Explorer for Kids: includes functional Binoculars, LED Flashlight, Mini Compass and 4X Magnifying Glass. All is in a carrying backpack for easy transportation. Great gift idea for children who love the outdoors.

109 Piece Garden Engineering Building Set: with over 100 building blocks, kids are challenged to build bulldozers, robots, buildings, figurines and much more. It will help your child build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and enhance creativity.

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Waterfall Discovery Wall: a fun way to learn physics while figuring out how to set up the water flow puzzle. Parents can set it up, or challenge kids to set up in certain ways so the water goes to a certain spot.

Stomp Rocket: build a rocket, and then run, jump and STOMP to launch the rockets up to 20 stories high. 100% kid powered!

Magnetic LED Building Blocks: these building blocks motivate imagination and teach children problem-solving skills which is the key factor to success in today’s ever-changing environment. Build a tower or a truck to transport the sticks, rocks, leaves, …

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Octopus Kite: any kite is fun to play. This Octopus Kite’s long tail makes it more stable. With the parafoil design, there is no frame to assemble or break if the kite hits the ground.

Aquapod Bottle Launcher: launch the water bottle like a rocket! This intriguing toy allow you to launch a regular 2-liter plastic soda bottle with a bicycle pump. You can use it again and again. Kids will have fun and learn physics.

Bug Microscope: brought to you by Boy Scouts of America, this microscope keeps bugs safe in the enclosed container for scientific experimentation.

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Take-A-Part Construction Vehicle Set: build and take apart a dump truck and a skid steer, kids learn how machines move and improve fine motor skills.

Fun outdoor STEM toys for kids to explore and learn science technology engineering math when they enjoy outdoor activities, with ideas for preschool to school age kids.

Bugnoculars: exploring outdoor with Bugnoculars encourages outdoor exploration and supports self-discovery, perfect for STEM learning.

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Fort Building Set: 354 piece of construction materials, including sticks, connectors, fabrics, clips, for kids to build the fort of their dreams. Great for kids 6 years and older.

Butterfly Feeder Kit: fill it up by using the included nectar recipe, and let the butterflies gather to get your little one acquainted with the wonders of nature!

You-Track-It Weather Lab: interactive station to track wind, rain, and temperature and put your weatherman to the test! Hands-on experience makes learning about the weather fun! Five weather-related challenges get the action started.

All About Rocks: Experiment with 8 different rocks to understand and explore their life cycles through how they form, change and wear away. Suggested for kids age 8 and up.

Root Viewer: This deluxe root viewer lets you see how vegetables grow and serves as a great year-round experiment for all ages. Includes clear plastic planter with removable top and handle, premium soil, radish, carrot, green onion seeds (enough for several plantings), and instructions on how to construct and plant.

Refractor Telescope: for just about 20 dollars, kids get to view stars and planets 50 to 100 times closer. A great tool to introduce astronomy to kids. The perfect educational toy.

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