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Hands On Math Toys to Help Kids Love Math

Hands On Math Toys to Help Kids Love Math post image

Math is a tough subject for many kids. When I talk to other parents, I often sense a “fear of math”. However, we use math every day, and math is in fact a fun subject if you decide to treat it differently. How to make math fun? How to help kids love math? One thing is to find fun activities that involve math, like these kitchen math activities, outdoor math activities, even travel math activities. Today we introduce Hands-On Math Toys. Kids all like to play, these math toys will be great ways to incorporate math into their play and help them understand math better and love math more.

Hands On Math Toys to Raise Kids Who Love Math

Hands-on math toys to raise kids who love math, preschool, kindergarten, school age
Bucket balance : a fun toy for a pretend play, this balance is a perfect for kids to learn weight and volume. The buckets are transparent, making it easier to see what are on both sides. Also included are small bear weight of different colors, so kids can set up different scenario, like comparing weight between red bears and green bears.

Wood Number Cards and Counting Stick Rods : the color counting stick and the number cards are the right size for kids to grab. It is great for pre-writing kids and kinetic learners to learn numbers, counting, and simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Write & Wipe Clock : this seemingly simple toy is the best for learning times. You can easily use it in storytelling or pretend play for kids to practice time recognition. Since you can wipe off the writing, you can use it many many times.

Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set : with 36 pegs of 6 colors and 6 shapes, kids can build all kinds structures on the board, while counting, adding, subtracting. With the lacing string, kids can thread the pegs in patterns. Come with the toy, you will also have a building pattern board and activity book for ideas for different ages.

Numbers Colors Shapes Bingo Game : it is not only fun to play games with numbers, it is also a good learning process to training strategic thinking, in addition to math skills.

Addition & Subtraction Bingo : if you are looking for a Bingo game for addition and subtraction, you can try this one.

Base Ten Blocks : it is a must have if you have a hands-on child. We used it for many years. It can be used for all stages of math learning. The activity book helped me tremendously in coming up ideas to do with my kids based on what they are learning.

Marks the Spot Floor Math Game : great toys for gross motor and math. With an activity guide coming with the toy, you won’t run out of playing ideas.

Mathlink Cubes : I love these cubes. They are like LEGO, but different. You can connect these cubes from all 6 sides of the cube. Some quick ideas are counting, grouping, patterns, adding, subtracting, multiplying numbers.

Fraction Tower Activity Set : I love how quickly kids can visualize the size of the common fractions, and comparing them. It gives the fundamental understanding of fraction to those who may have difficulties in them.

Abacus : I can’t tell you how many times we used our abacus. It is the right size for little hands. They use it to count, make shapes, and patterns. The best tool to learn the 100 numbers. It is just such a great way to visualize the numbers.

Teach math with hands-on toys and raise math-loving kids

Plus Minus Math Keyboard : Young kids like to play with keyboards, this could be a fun one for them to practice math, addition and subtraction.

Multiplication Machine : for kids who are learning multiplication, this little toy is great to drill the multiplication facts. With a press of a button, kids check their answers themselves. They also have division machine.

Number Scrabble Game : scrabble game with math equations. How fun!

Shape blocks and Puzzles : are wonderful not just for art and creativity, but also shapes and logical thinking. This set has over 120 shape blocks with bright colors. Kids can follow the puzzle pattern or create their own. The fun is endless.

Geometric Solids : It is fun to play with the shapes. Kids can learn to measure the edges, and even fill in the shapes with sand, water or rice to compare the volumes.

Geometric Snap Stick : is another fun way to learn shapes and geometry. Kids build shapes per request using the snap sticks and learn shapes hands on.

Have fun with these math toys!

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