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Awesome STEM Toys for Kids All Ages

Awesome STEM Toys for Kids All Ages post image

We all say kids are born scientists, mathematicians, artists and engineers. They are curious, they like to explore, they like to take things apart, they always make things in their own ways. So what is the best way to teach STEM (Science Tech Engineering Math) to kids? The best is to give them tools they can play and learn at their own pace when they most relaxed and having fun. This is a list of the Best STEM Toys we collected, and we keep updating them to stay up to date.

Complete Children’s STEM Toys Gift Guide – Age 2 to 18

Complete Best STEM Toys Gift Guide for boys and girls from preschool kindergarten to high school
All toy list are for all age groups, unless specified in the titles.
The Best Coding Toys for Kids listed about 20 newest toys for kids to learn computer programming. There are a wide range selections, from board games to programable robots. Some are for older kids who already have coding experience, some are for young children, like preschoolers and kindergarten students, who had no coding experience at all. Computer coding is the language of future, yet most schools are not offering coding class yet. It is really up to each family to help their kids to learn programming, and these fun toys definitely make it a lot easier to learn coding.

Best Engineering Toys for Kids listed out the toys that can help kids build engineering concepts, starting from simple building toys, to toys teaching physics and engineering, such as simple machines, electricity, circuis, and different types of power (electricity, wind, etc).

Hands on Math Toys are helping kids learn math from a completely different perspective. Through hands on activities, kids can make sense of numbers and math functions via visuals and manupitives. By creating and seeing the math concepts through their own hands, kids can have an intuitive understanding of math that many times are hard to achieve through written numbers on paper. From Base Ten for number sense, to geometry solids to learn shapes, these hands on toys sure will help you raise kids who will love math.

Outdoor STEM Toys let kids have fun outdoor while learning science, math, engineering and technology. Kids love playing outside, why not give them these toys you know they will love to use while getting the fresh air. I found many ideas I never thought before, like the gardening engineer set, octopus kite, and rocket launcher made out of water bottles.

Building Toys teach kids a lot! Besides creativity, they learn structure, gravity, and how different parts work together. They are great for your young scientists, engineers and artists to explore at their own pace. We picked some for each age group from age 2 to 18.

What is your child’s favorite STEM Toys?

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