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9 YouTube Science Videos for Kids Teaching Human Body Digestive Systems

9 YouTube Science Videos for Kids Teaching Human Body Digestive Systems post image

We have talked about our love of YouTube science videos and how much they can help students learn. To expand on that subject a bit more, I have put together a list of Digestive System YouTube science videos.

There are a few different cartoons to choose from on this list. You will also find some YouTube videos for older students and teens. Some focus on the digestive process, some on digestive functions, and some introduce the digestive system through the organs and parts in the digestive system. You will find some familiar names, like TedEd, CrashCourse, and we can’t leave Ms. Frizzle off of the list!

Human Digestive System YouTube Videos for Kids

Teacher approved best YouTube science videos teaching human body digestive system to kids in preschool to middle school. Free science resources for science class, biology class, homeschool

Dr. Binocs Digestive System: A cartoon character, Dr. Binocs, leads the way through the digestive tract in an informative video. Along with the easy to follow video, there is a very interesting fact at the end of the video that was surprising to learn.

How the Digestive System Works: This informative cartoon video has some funny digestive related jokes throughout the clip. Kids follow the characters go inside the digestive tract and learn the whole digestion process, starting from the function of the mouth in digestion. It only runs for about 5 minutes, which is great for a little lesson about digestion.

Magic School Bus for Lunch: Ms. Frizzle’s class and their school bus shrink down to the size of a cheesy snack just in time for Arnold to swallow them whole! The adventures of the Magic School Bus never disappoint. As always, these videos teach students while being entertained.

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What’s Digestion?: I like this video because even though it is a cartoon, the clip depicts a teacher conducting a lesson about the digestive system in her classroom. The video is under 3 minutes long but it is full of information.

The Digestive System: A Crash Course in Biology: This digestive system video is perfect for students who need something a little more than cartoons. It is hosted by a young man who engages the audience with realistic pictures as well as diagrams and drawings that help kids understand the digestive process and the organs that make up the digestive system.

Kid’s Health Digestive System: At the beginning of this video, the parts of the digestive system are listed with a simple picture of the human body. It is easy to follow and provides great information on the digestive system.

Stop Motion Digestive System: This video was created by a student. She used stop-motion animation to show the journey of a cracker through the human body.

This educational video from TedEd about digestive system gives a good overview of what consist of the system by functions. It is great for those who like a more structured lecture instead of a digestive process story.

If you have kids who like singing, this Digestion Song is for you. The song goes through the whole digestion process and introduces the organs alone the way.

Human Digestive System Teaching Books and Tools

In addition to the digestive system YouTube science videos listed above, you can use these books and tools to explore the topic even more. Take a look at a few of my favorite top picks.

Survive! Inside the Human Body, Vol. 1 The Digestive System: This comic style book is a great way to learn about the digestive system.

How Food Travels Through Your Body: Students will find some interesting facts in this book including how long it takes from food to be chewed up and turned into waste.

Anatomy Adventure Mega CHEW-nami: Use this set as teaching tools to explore the fun side of the digestive system. Included is a roll of digestive system jokes, bento box, whoopie cushion, and more.

Burp!: This book is not your normal digestive system book… it has some really interesting (and gross!) facts that students will eat up!

Digest-O-Rama Game: Playing games always helps kids soak up knowledge. This game will help students learn about the anatomy of the digestive system along with the purpose of each part that makes up this human system.

What are your favorite human digestive system YouTube videos and tools? Did they make my list? Let’s gather our resources and make a great list of resources to help kids gobble up this subject.

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