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11 Cold Science Experiments To Amaze the Children

11 Cold Science Experiments To Amaze the Children post image

In our collection of science experiments about the sense of touch, we had one hot water and cold water experiment. Today we add more hot and cold experiments for kids to better understand temperature. While the weather getting colder, it is a perfect time to do some cold science experiments with kids. Since everything is relative, talking about cold means you are also talking about hot.

11 Cold Science Experiments that Are Magical for Kids

Easy science experiments for kids to learn cold temperature. Fun sensory activities to explore hot and cold, sense of touch. Ideas for preschool to middle school

Cold Science Experiments for Kids to Do in the Kitchen

What is the temperature’s impact on molecules movement? Try this simple science activity with kids. The visual effect is so cool.

Another way to observe cold temperature’s impact is to watch a balloon deflate. Blow up a balloon inside in room temperature, then leave it outside in the cold and watch it deflate. Bring it back inside to warm up and watch it re-inflate. The cold temperature makes the air volume shrink and density increase.

How can you change ice to water without raising the temperature? This magic trick will show you.

Why do you think polar bears can swim in the freezing cold water? Don’t they feel cold? This fun science activity will show kids why.

Let’s start with this hot and cold water mixing experiment. How does hot water and cold water mix? This YouTube video will show you some fascinating phenomena.

How do gloves keep our hands warm? Do they generate heat? This simple science experiment helps kids understand that our hands stay warm because of the gloves, but gloves don’t generate heat.

I love this home made thermometer. You can use this to show kid how cold it is outside and then bring it inside and watch what happens when it is warmer.

Cold Science Experiments Can Only Be Done Outdoor in Winter

When it is really cold outside, you can create some snow with boiling water. Did you notice the temperature in the vidoe? It was -21°F with a wind chill of -51°F. When you do this, make sure the wind is blowing away from you. Although it is cold, if the wind is blowing towards you, the hot water may hurt you before turning to snow. This article explains why this is happening.

Another fun thing to do when it is extremely cold is frozen bubble. Here are some tips on how to do it.

If it is snowing and cold, you may enjoy some homemade snow candy. Do make sure the snow is clean.

Another option is to make instant slurpee. I am sure kids will love to have some no matter how cold it is.

11 science experiments for kids to learn about cold temperature, that are simply magical. You can do some right in your kitchen (and this is the part that you can also do in summer), and some outside in the cold winter. A wonderful STEM resource for your temperature unit or weather or winter theme unit, 5 sense - touch unit

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