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15 YouTube Channels of Fun Science Videos for Kids

15 YouTube Channels of Fun Science Videos for Kids post image

YouTube has become a good source of educational materials. If you like watching science videos, you will love these YouTube channels of amazing science videos for kids. We shared 6 YouTube Channels for Hands-on Science Experiments You Can Do at Home. Today we share YouTube channels of fun science facts, explanations, and news.

15 YouTube Science Video Channels Explaining Science for Kids

Fun YouTube science channels for kids learn science at home. Free STEM resources for science class and homeschool.

Bill Nye: although the channel has not been updated for a couple of years, the content already there is enough for kids to explore. I like that the video titles tell you exactly what the videos are about, making it easy to look around.

SciShow: It is a great collection of science videos of different topics: historical science figures, science news, science talk show, science quizzes, most asked science questions. The topics they cover are simply fascinating.

SpanglerScienceTV: from Steve Spangler, this channel has a ton of fun science facts, experiments, and more. Unlike his other YouTube channel, most of the experiments here need special equipment and safety measures, so it is safer to watch him do them in videos.

asapScience: a fun site using fun drawings to explain various interesting topics from a scientific point of view. The topics they cover are either questions people have always been asking, or things you never thought about before, like How old are your ears? Can video games make you smarter? Can you be scared to death? Most topics are kids safe. The only one I noticed that may not be kids appropriate is Can science improve your sex life? Even this one is strictly science with no inappropriate visuals.

LabofOrnithology: if you like birds, you will love this channel. It is established by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, an institute conducting research, education, and citizen science focused on birds. You will find many amazing videos about different birds.

BrainCraft: hosted by Vanessa Hill for PBS Digital Studios, BrainCraft explains why we act the way we do, using psychology and neuroscience. You will find topics like How movies control your brain? How exercise can improve your memory?

ScienceBob: does all kinds of cool science experiments. Most are not safe to do at home, so it is better to watch them on video.

Science videos for kids, 15 clean YouTube science channels safe for kids to watch, and you should not miss. Great science class supplement, free STEM resource

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Minute Physics: explaining science in a similar style as asapScience, but all topics are around physics. You will find topics like What is gravity? Is it better to walk or run in the rain? How an airplane is made? It thrives to explain science in the simplest way, and it does a good job in that aspect, so it is a great channel for kids of all ages.

Minute Earth: from the same creator of Minute Physics, but all topics are about our planet. Do you know Where did the water on Earth come from? Why is all sand the same?

Periodic Videos: all things chemistry. You will find a video about each element on the periodic table. There are new videos every week about science news, interesting molecules, and other stuff from the world of chemistry.

Best of Science: A fun science channel covers a wide variety of science topics: physics, space, nature, chemistry, and more.

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National Geographic: As their magazine, the YouTube channel covers many natural science videos.

Fizzics Education is a science outreach organization in Australia. They share their outreach efforts and science activities they do.

DNews: science news and exploration from Discovery. It is not designed for kids, so there will be videos that are not appropriate for young children. But many videos are kids friendly.

NASA: everything is space related, from This Week at NASA, to Space to Ground, to ISS Expeditions.

Enjoy! Let us know if you find any other sources for fun science videos for kids.

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If you are on YouTube, you definitely want to check out 9 YouTube Channels of Hands-on Science Experiments to Do at Home. Different from today’s science YouTube channel list, these 9 channels are all about easy hands-on science experiments you are safe to do at home in your kitchen.

YouTube channels cool science experiments for kids

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Another of our favorite STEM resources is the STEAM Kids, a book with 52 STEAM activity ideas for kids.

cool science YouTube channels kids love
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  • Foretta

    thanks for the sites, I found some great videos for my class. I did want to let you know that asapScience video about sleep has some inappropriate language, some bleeped out and some not.

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    Love this list! Some of my favourite channels are on here 🙂

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    hey i liked each of the channels mentioned, some of them are my favorite too!! but i would also like to mention the Dad Lab, they have some fun amazing experiments going on !!!


    • Yes, I love that channel. There are a lot science videos, but not all of them though. Thanks for recommending.

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    I just found this post, thank you! I will be checking out several of these channels. Another one we love is Smarter Every Day. They make great science videos that are fascinating!

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