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160+ Fourth of July Printable Math Worksheets

160+ Fourth of July Printable Math Worksheets post image

Many parents are concerned about summer slide. With the long summer, if kids don’t touch academic subjects the whole summer, they may forget many they learned during the school year. Since 4th of July is a big holiday during summer, I am putting together some fun July 4th themed math printable worksheets for kids from preschool, to kindergarten to grade 5. All are free, and all you need is to print them out.

Free Fourth of July Math Worksheets for Kids

Free 4th of July Math worksheets for kids from preschool to kindergarten to Grade 6, for quiet time during the Red White Blue holiday celebration and summer family travel to prevent summer slide.

Combining coloring and math, this set of coloring by number pages is great for kids who just start learning numbers.

For more number recognition and counting practice, you will love these firework maze number worksheets. Once you are on the page, scroll down, click on Part 2. These math worksheets are the last several pages in part two of this package.

This is another set of coloring by number pages to add math work into the celebration fun. But to get the number to color, kids have to do subtraction first.

This is another set of math printable worksheets for kindergarten to early elementary school kids, from counting to adding, from polls to bar charts.

Love this July 4th Sudoku. For more number sense practice, you can download the whole set of 10 pages.

If you like Sudoku, here are two more Sudoku sheets with answer keys.

For more addition and subtraction practice, try this set of Independence Addition and Subtraction worksheets. To download all 10 pages together as a set, you need a membership. However, if you just need a couple pages and download a single page, it is free.

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For kids who are learning multiplication and division, you can use this worksheet set of 10 pages single to double digits multiplication and division practice. Same as the last set, to download all 10 pages together as a set, you need a membership. If you just need one page, it is free.

Have kids on grade 1 to 5? You will love this page of over 80 math worksheets all with American Patriotic theme. They are listed by grade level, and what is the best, is you can generate a new worksheet of the same template right there on the site.

For more Fourth of July Activities, visit Build the Tallest Flag Pole STEM Challenge and Educational Movies for Kids about Fourth of July History.

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Free 4th of July math printable worksheets for preschool to grade 5 students. Easy quiet activities to keep kids engaged for the Red White Blue celebration.
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