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10 Movies for Kids about Scientists

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Science is a field requires a lot hard work. As scientists, you not only need the scientific mind, but also the curiosity to explore more and the drive to persevere through hardships. For kids to stay in the science field, learning science knowledge is not enough. They also need learn all these characters that are needed to be successful in science. Today we share movies about scientists, hope these stories will inspire your young scientists. This is our 2nd post in the summer movies for kids series.

Movies for Kids About Scientists

Motion picture movies for kids about real scientists. True stories teaching kids the grit and resilient characters great scientists share. Inspire young scientists and everyone to be scientifically curious, persevere over hardships, and work hard.

Most these movies are PG rated, some are PG13. Please check the content to decide if each is appropriate for your child.

Infinity is about the life of the physicist Richard Feynman, from his early years, to Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Madame Curie is a biography movie about Nobel-prize winning physicist Marie Curie and her husband Pierre Curie, as they went through hardship learn about radiology.

Edison the Man is an Oscar-nominated biography of Thomas Edison, the famous inventor who rose from poverty to invent the electric light bulb.

Temple Grandin is an engaging portrait of an autistic young woman who became, through timely mentoring and sheer force of will, a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, one of America’s most remarkable success stories.

Hidden Figures tells the inspiring true story of three women at NASA who fought the racial bias and made significant contributions to one of history’s greatest operations – the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit.

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The Story of Louis Pasteur follows the great biologist’s discovery of vaccines for anthrax and rabies and his campaign for cleanliness vs. infection.

Medicine Man is about a doctor seeking a cure for cancer in the forbidding Amazon rain forest, fighting against a logging company razing the forest.

Extraordinary Measures tells the story of 2 parents struggle to develop a drug to save the lives of their two children suffering from Pompe disease.

Something the Lord Made is about a very unusual partnership between two doctors who pioneered early advances in heart surgery, that saved thousands of lives.

Lorenzo’s Oil is based on a true story of two parents, constantly test the boundaries of conventional medicine, research and challenge doctors to develop a cure for their son, who suffers from a rare degenerative disease.

Gorillas in the Mist is the true-life story of the anthropologist Dian Fossey and her work in the jungles of Rwanda, studying the rare Mountain Gorillas, as she fights to save them from poachers and habitat loss. Through the movie you will see her passion and why she became a legend.

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10 kids movies about real scientists. True stories to teach kids the characters needed to be in science field, and inspire young scientists and everyone to be scientifically curious, persevere over hardships, and work hard.
This is part of the series Summer Movies for Kids. We’d like to bring you ideas of learning with movies. Hope the series will help you and kids have fun and relaxed learning experience this summer. Here are some great kids movie recommendations from this series.

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