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500 Science Activities for Every Month of the Year

500 Science Activities for Every Month of the Year post image

Do you teach by themes? It is an effective way of teaching because it is an effective way to learning for kids. If you do, this is your dream place for science activity ideas — organized seasonal science activities for each month of the year. It is seasonal by holidays, seasons, whether, nature changes, such as plants, trees and animals. Altogether there are over 500 activity ideas, each theme includes activities for preschool to high school students. 

Year-Long Science Activities for Kids

seasonal science activities monthly list for the whole year. STEM science experiments of holiday theme, nature plants and animal theme, seasonal weather experiments, for kids from preschool kindergarten to high school. Great STEM resource for science class, homeschool, science club, science camp.

January Science Activities

It is the beginning of the new year, let’s celebrate it with science! It is also cold in most areas, so we can do some science with the cold temperature.

8 STEM Activities to Celebrate the New Year, most activities have science components in them.

8 Cold Science Experiments to Amaze Kids

6 Fun and Easy Snow Science Activities

You will get more ideas from over 200 Winter Science Activities for Kids.

February Science Activities

It is still cold, so try some indoor science activities. Of course, no one can forget the Valentines.

9 Heart Science Activities for Kids for Valentine’s Day.

Make the Interlocked Mobius Strip Hearts as Valentine’s gifts

Exchange Science Themed Valentines with friends

8 Science Activities to Learn About Color

8 Science Activities about Salt

5 Science Experiments Using Pepper

March Science Activities

It starts to warm up, but there are always up and downs, so this is a good time to study the weather. If you start growing seeds, make sure to invite kids and do some science exploration with them.

10 Weather Science Activities for Kids

9 Science Activities for Kids to Learn about Seeds

Explore Plant Science Secrets while Growing Bean Sprouts with Kids

Additionally, our collection of over 75 Spring Science Activities has a lot of wonderful science ideas for kids of all ages.

April Science Activities

In our area, we get a lot of windy days during this time of the year. It is also a good time to study the sun before it gets too hot. Many times Easter falls in April, and for kids, it is about eggs.

8 Fascinating Science Activities with Eggs

7 Wind Science Activities for Kids

10 Science Experiments about the Sun

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Love science but could not come up science activity ideas to do with kids? We have listed over 500 science activities for kids for each month of the year, with season themes and activities for kids from preschool kindergarten to high school. Great STEM resource for science class at school or homeschool or after school activities at home. You can also plan your science camp using these resources.

May Science Activities

Summer starts in the northern hemisphere. It is getting warmer, plants are growing, and insects are active.

Make sure to visit our collection of over 100 Summer Science Activities for Kids

8 Simple Science Activities about Bugs

10 Plant Science Activities for Kids

June Science Activities

This is a month with blooming flowers. It is also the time you will see a lot fresh vegetables. Many kids finish the school year in June and families have more time to be outside.

Definitely try these amazing backyard science activities with kids.

9 Amazing Flower Science Activities

With so many fresh food varieties, it is a good time to learn about taste with these 7 Taste Science Activities.

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July Science Activities

It is summer break, and the beach is a popular place to go, a place with a lot of sand. Many places also see a lot of rain. When it is hot, it is always nice to play with something cold, like ice.

7 Sand Science Activities for Kids

8 Science Activities to Learn About Rain

8 Ice Science Activities for kids

August Science Activities

It is still hot in many places, so it is the perfect time to play with water. This is also the time I don’t care if kids stay up late till it is dark.

7 Water Science Activities.

10 Science Activities for Kids to Do after It is Dark

During the day, they can study light with these 9 Science Experiments about Light

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September Science Activities

Although the fall starts in August, September is the time it really feels like the autumn season. It is also a good time to go out at night to observe the moon and stars.

Check out these 70 Autumn Science Activities for Kids

7 Science Activities about the Moon

7 Activities to Learn about Stars and Constellations

October Science Activities

Apples, pumpkins, and yellow leaves are signs of October. Kids will also love Halloween at the end of the month.

7 Science Activities using Apples

9 Pumpkin Science Activities for Kids

7 Leaf Science Activities for Kids

For Halloween, try these 10 Skeleton Activity to learn about human body. I also like these 10 Interactive Apps about Human Body.

November Science Activities

It is the start of the winter season. Leaves are falling. It is Thanksgiving, when families are getting together, and cooking together.

Find some fun ideas from 200 Winter Science Activities for Kids.

8 Pine Cone Science Activities for Kids

6 Kitchen Science Activities for Kids

December Science Activities

It is cold, and it is the Christmas season for many countries. People all over the world are getting ready for the New Year.

9 Science Activities of Christmas Tree

These 9 Magnet Science Activities are perfect for a cold winter day.

It is always fun to watch how others perform science experiments on these interesting science YouTube channels.

Hope these will keep you busy for the year, or maybe several years.

I hope you like all these science activity ideas. Doing science at home is not just for fun, it is also to cultivate child’s interest in science and help them grow scientific thinking skills. I encourage you to follow the scientific steps while working with kids on these fun activities. I outlined the steps and developed this Science Experiment Recording Sheet. I highly recommend using it, even with young children. They can draw pictures if they can’t write. It is the process that is important, starting with questions and hypotheses.

If you are looking for more science activity ideas with more detailed instructions, and even go broader to STEAM (Science Technology Engineer Art Math), check out these 52 STEAM Activities for Kids. The video below shows what the activities look like in action. As you can see, there are 52 activities designed for kids from ages 5 to 12. Each activity has a list of materials needed, a step-by-step guide on what to do, and pictures to show you what it is like.

I love the part that explains what kids are learning through the activities. I also love they categorize it into Science, Technology, engineering, Art, and Math, as well as by kids’ actions – Build, Color, Play, Sense, and Grow. Each activity also has suggestions for extension activities if your kids want to do more.

At the end of the book, there is an activity planner. It helps organize the activities by week and has a weekly material list.

STEAM Kids Book

If you are always trying to find STEAM activities to do with kids, this is a real treat. With 52 activities, you can have one for each week for the whole year! To buy the eBook go to eBook Store or click the STEAM Kids book image below the video.

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