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9 Pumpkin Science Activities for Kids

9 Pumpkin Science Activities for Kids post image

Fall is approaching us faster than we know. Some of our neighbors have put up pumpkin decorations in the yard already. Have you tried science experiments with pumpkins? There are so many science activities you can do with pumpkins. Here are just some ideas.

9 Pumpkin Science Activities for Kids

Pumpkins science experiments for kids. Great fall STEM activities for school science class, homeschool, science camp, or after school projects.

Learn life cycle of the pumpkin

Explore the inside of the pumpkins and learn each part of the pumpkins

Observe a rotting pumpkin and learn why it happens

Learn the science of preserving a pumpkin

Learn chemistry with this Pumpkin Slime.

It is fun to creates a volcano out of the pumpkin. For a more dramatic effect, watch this Oozing Pumpkin video.

Set a science hypothesis – will the pumpkins float in the water? Why?

Measure the weight and circumference of several pumpkins and order them from lightest to heaviest. How are the circumference and weight correlated?

Plant pumpkin seeds inside a pumpkin, see how it grows. Here is another picture of the pumpkin sprout.

Explore the 5 senses with pumpkins
9 Pumpkins science activities for kids -- great fall STEM activities for school science class, homeschool, or after school projects.
Do you have any cool science ideas with pumpkins?

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science activities for kids to do in the fall
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  • Juanita Hazelton

    Just in time for my October STEM Slime challenge! Thanks for the pumpkin slime recipe. I love the Slime book!

  • Shelah

    Thanks for hosting. The Pumpkin Science activities looks like fun.

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