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10 Apple Themed Learning Activities

10 Apple Themed Learning Activities post image

Today we share some apple themed learning activities. There are many things we can learn using apples: fine motor, math, language, science, social studies, … Here are just some ideas, and I hope they will serve as starters and spark more learning ideas.

10 Apple Themed Learning Activities 10 apple themed learning activities for kids: science, math, language, fine motor, social studies, so many fun ideas for kids from preschool kindergarten to school age | STEM

Practice Fine Motor Skills with Apples:

Pick and sort apples with tongs

Practice fine motors with Dot-to-dot apple sheet

Learn Math with Apples:

Apples for counting with this set of free printables

Compare apple sizes: use a string to measure the circumference of each apple and decide which one is the biggest and which one is the smallest. For younger kids, they can just compare the string length; for older kids, they can measure the string length with a ruler.

Enjoy Language Art with Apples:

Read books about apple, and here are 40 books about apples for kids

Taste various kinds of apples, and ask kids to describe the different flavor and texture. You can go into more details into early taste, taste when chewing, and after taste.

Study Apple Science:

Learn parts of apple, this is a diagraph of apple

Find out why apples turn brown with an experiment

Social Study with Apple:

Read about Johnny Appleseed: for younger kids; for early readers ready for chapter books

Track Johnny Appleseed’s journey on a map

Do you have any more ideas on learning with apples?

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  • Theres Just One Mommy

    Loving all the great apple ideas!

  • shelah

    You have so many fun apple activities here!

    • You are welcome. It is fun to do learning activities with apples, as you can then eat them after you are done with learning! 🙂

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