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7 Kids Science Experiments with Apples

7 Kids Science Experiments with Apples post image

We love apples. Besides being nutritious fruits, apples can offer many more learning activities for kids. Today we share some fun kitchen science experiments for kids using apples. Many are very easy to do, and you and kids can still enjoy the apples after the experiments.

Science Experiments for Kids Using Apples

Apple science experiments kids can do at home. Fun kitchen STEM science activities for preschool to grade 6, at home, school or homeschool science class. Fall Science activity ideas

Does apples float or sink in water? This is a simple experiment. All you need is a big bowl filled with water, and drop apples in it. Before you drop apples in the water, ask kids to predict if they are going to sink or not. After the experiment, you can all play the apple bobbing game, and hopefully, get a taste of the apples.

Learn what’s inside an apple with this easy diagram. It is also a fun craft for kids.

Apple color change is another interesting experiment that kids of any age can do. I like how this one is set up, so kids can learn basic science experiment methods and skills, such as setting up comparison groups and recording data. After the experiment you can explain to kids that the reason the apples turn brown is a chemical reaction called oxidation, a reaction between the oxygen and an enzyme in the apples. If you follow this link, you will find a very kids friendly explanation why the apple turning brown and why some materials can slow down the process.

Try Stack Apples on top of each other, and see how many apples can you stack up without falling. After the activity, you can explain about balance and center of gravity. You can even go into the reason someone fall, it is because their center of gravity is out of the range.

An Apple Taste experiment is a good way to show kids how the 5 senses are related with each other.

Rotten Apple Experiment lets kids learn the science of rotten food and food preservation by observing and experimenting what make the apple rotten.

Making Toffee Apples is definitely a fun activity. Kids learn the science of change status and taste the wonderful apples.

Do you have fun apple science experiment ideas for kids?

Yummy science experiments for kids using apples. Why does cut apple change color? How to prevent it from turning brown? Does apple float? Fun kitchen STEM activities for home, school or homeschool

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