Cool Pine Cone Science Experiments for Kids
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Cool Pine Cone Science Experiments for Kids

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We have pine cones every where. It is easy to find, and it is fun to play with too. Today we share some fun science experiment ideas for kids with pine cones. Have you tried using pine cone to forecast the weather? Do you know why pine cones can forecast weather? Besides weather forecast, there are more interesting activities you can do with kids with pine cones and learn sciences.

Science Experiments with Pine Cones for Kids

Pine cone science experiments for kids - learn about pine cones and research skills with these simple science activities that even young children can participate the fun. Great STEM activities of all seasons | plant life cycle
There are many amazing science about pine cones. These experiments can be done easily at home, some are simple that a preschooler can do; some require some more skills of a school age kid. We listed these experiments based their difficulty levels, so younger kids experiments are at the beginning.

1. Sort Pine Cones: collect different pine cones, and sort them by different features, like sizes, how much they open, color, etc. You can even start an easy recording form, and ask kids to measure the size and chart the results.

2. Science prediction with pine cones: Will pine cone sink in the water? Make predictions before putting them in water

3. Study pine cone structure, see where the seeds are, and then explain why the seeds shape like they are. Make sure let the seeds fly so kids can observe how they move in the air.

4. Set up a pine cone weather forecast station. Find out how to do it and why pine cone can predict weather in the linked article.

5. Understand what make pinecones open and close. You can even encourage kids test out more hypothesis.

6. Make pine cone fire: mix a pound of salt in one container of water, and a pound of borax in another container of water. Place large pine cones in each container and let them soak thoroughly. Then take the pine cones out and drain and let them dry completely. Toss one into the fire in the fireplace and observe the differences of flame colors. You should see yellow flame from the pine cones soaked in salt water, and green flame from those soaked in borax water.

7. Study pine cone life cycle: do you know there are male pine cone and female pine cones?

8. Make a hygrometer for measuring the humidity in the air. The theory behind it is the same as the weather station, but this one with more fine designs, so it is more suitable for older kids.


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    I don’t know why, but I have a deep affection for pine cones. I will be using some of your pine cone activities. Thanks for sharing!

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