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9 Christmas Tree Science Activities for Kids

9 Christmas Tree Science Activities for Kids post image

It is the holiday season. There are a lot science activities you can do with kids. Since most people in the US celebrate Christmas, and most families have Christmas trees set up during the holiday season, today let’s look at some cool ideas of science activities with Christmas tress.

Fun Christmas Tree Science Activities for Kids

Christmas Tree Science Activities for Kids and Family, great STEM project ideas for the holiday season, that kids of all ages will love.

Holiday season is always filled with magic. Fun science activities are definitely goiong to add the magic feel into your celebration. Imagine kids looking at the results of the science experiments, you are not only giving them the joy of the holiday season, but also the curiosity they need to explore the world. Let’s get started!

What is Christmas tree? Holiday season is a good time to learn about the trees people use as Christmas trees. Go out to look for pine trees and other evergreen trees. Take some samples from outside, do some investigation and research. Are they all the same, what are the differences in leaves, colors, smells? You can find a field guide and detective worksheet here.

Get some green and red gumdrops and build a gumdrop Christmas tree. It is a fun way to learn about structures. It may not be as easy as you thought.

This crystal Christmas tree is easy to make and a perfect tree ornament that kids can make.

You can explore magnets with kids from this magnetic Christmas tree. To make sure the paper clips not touch the decorations on the tree, it is a good exercise to strengthen the fine motor skills for the little hands.

Paint a Christmas tree with baking soda color, and compare how it is different from using regular paint or marker. I love that they started with yellow and blue and watched the color turn green when mixing the two colors together.

Create a Christmas tree with Christmas slime. All kids like to play slime.

We tried this Snapshot Christmas Tree. It is quite challenging to connect the electric circuit correctly so the family can play the game safely.

It is fun to create snowy Christmas tree, using a science experiment.

Time to take the Christmas tree down? Try this melting Christmas tree activity. It is a quite creative idea.

STEAM Kids Christmas

After taking the tree down, try this circuit experiment with Christmas lights. It is pretty easy, even preschool kids can do it. Do read the safety note in the post though.

For more Christmas themed science activities or expanding to STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) activities, check out this STEAM Kids Christmas eBook. It has 25 STEAM activities, buildable Advent calendar, STEAM challenge cards. It is organized to make it easy for parents, with material lists and step-by-step guides. This is a fun way to spend the holiday season and to welcome the holiday.

Christmas Tree Science Experiment Activities for Kids and Family, great STEM project ideas for the holiday season that kids of all ages will love.

After all these activities with Christmas trees, it is nice to read some books about Christmas tree:
The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever
A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree
Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree
The Berenstain Bears Trim the Tree
Children Book Series: Christmas Tree
Monster Needs a Christmas Tree

For more seasonal science activities for kids, visit Celebrate the New Year with STEM Activities, 11 Cold Science Experiments for Kids to Do in Winter.

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  • Alexandria

    The Christmas slime is super cool! I can’t wait until my daughter gets into that kind of stuff. In the mean time, I may just make some for myself. I mean, I may just practice making it over and over again so I make it right when she does get into this stuff 😉

    I love the gum drop tree. That’s one my daughter would totally be into at her age, so maybe we’ll start there.

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