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16 Engineering Toys for Kids

16 Engineering Toys for Kids post image

STEM toys are popular. How to pick the right toys for kids to encourage their interest in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math? We shared some ideas on Coding Toys for Kids, today we focus on the E in STEM – Engineer. We picked engineering toys for different age groups, from preschool to high school. We also make sure to cover toys for different engineer fields, such as mechanical engineer, electric engineer, civil engineer.

Top Engineering Toys for Kids

Best Engineering Toys for Kids preschool to school age. Learn Science Math Tech Engineering while playing. Top STEM gifts kids love.
Snap Cubes is a great building toy for preschool up to elementary school kids. It is a great building toy because of the unique design allowing the blocks connect on all 6 sides. Kids are free to build whatever their imagination takes them.

Magnet Tiles are interesting with the magnetic feature. Kids learn structure and magnetism while playing with the tiles. It is fun for all ages, young or old.

Gears Gears Gears is all about gears. It is easy to build, and it is durable. This is great for young children to get the initial concept how gears work.

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Da Vinci Catapult is a fun building project for kids to learn about forces and the mechanics of a catapult. Kids will feel so empowered because they are re-creating a famous design by Da Vinci.

Inclined Planes and Levers teach kids basic physics and engineering concepts through building projects that they can do themselves.

Simple Machines is a set of parts that allow kids to build 5 different simple machines: lever, pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle, and wedge. Kids learn simple engineering from hands on experience.

GoldieBlox Zip line Action Figure is a fun building toy for kids to build zipline in their own room. GoldieBlox has several good engineer toys. If you don’t like this one, you can always find one that fits your child’s interest and skill level.

Tin Can Cable Car gives kids the opportunities to explore the concepts of mechanical engineering and green science using recycled soda can to build a cable car.

Best Engineering Toys for Kids preschool to school age. Learn Science Math Tech Engineering while playing. Top STEM gifts kids love.

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Construction and Bridge Structure is a great building set for kids age 8 and up. It brings complex engineering concepts into clear focus for kids. While building the structures, kids learn different types of forces applied in buildings and bridges and how to design the structure to provide needed weight support. Instruction for 9 working models are provided in the package.

Snap Circuits makes it safe for kids to learn electricity and building structure. Even young children can play with them. Kids can build so many different devices: a photo sensor, a flashing light, an adjustable-volume siren, … just to name a few.

Electric Race Car is a fun project to encourage kids to think outside box and learn the basics of electric engineer.

Air Power Vehicle does not need batteries. Kids learn the natural power resource and the engineer design needed to utilize the power source in nature.

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Wind Power Beast has a neat engineering design that only need wind to move. It will be an eye-opening experience for kids to see the intricate structure of the beast.

Pneumatic Machines includes instructions and materials for 4 pneumatic models that teaches the physics and mechanical engineering to move machines with air pressures.

K’NEX Renewable Energy Set is a little different from typical K’NEX set. It is designed to teach renewable energy sources with 9 models. Kids build Wind, Solar and Hydro powered models that are all operational! They then compare and contrast the power and efficiency of three different alternative energy sources. Through the process students learn science concepts such as force, motion, simple machines, leverage, mechanical advantage, work, energy and efficiency.

Best building toys for kids to learn engineering. Integrate science math tech to teach STEM to preschool to high school kids.
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