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7 Science Activities for Kids to Learn About the Moon

7 Science Activities for Kids to Learn About the Moon post image

We have posted many science activities for kids. Today we share some fun science activity ideas for kids to learn about the moon. They can be part of your space or solar system unit study. I hope these activity ideas will help kids learn that science is in our everyday life, and encourage kids to have a curious scientific mind.

Fun Moon Science Projects for kids

Fun science projects for kids to learn about the moon -- Do you know why we always see the same face of the moon? What are moon phases? How does moon rotate? Learn interesting STEM facts through fun activities for kids
The first thing you can do with kids to learn about moon is to observe the moon. Using these free printable observation record sheet, you can teach kids how and what to observe.

Now kids know moon has different phases, why not make an oreo cookie moon phases model. Kids will love it, as they will be able to eat some Oreo cookies.

You can also make puzzles to learn about moon phases


This simple science activity shows kids why there are craters on the moon

Have you ever wonder why the shadow pattern on the moon is always the same? Here is a simple activity showing why we always see the same face of the moon from earth.

From last activity, kids may ask if moon rotates. Here is an activity to show kids that the moon does rotate.

How big is the moon? This is a fun activity for kids to learn the size of the moon and how it is relative to the size of the earth.

Read a book about the Moon, and more books about the moon.

I hope you like these science experiments. Doing science at home is not just for fun, it is also to cultivate child’s interest in science and help them grow scientific thinking skills. Don’t just do it for fun, try follow scientific steps while working with kids on these activities. I outlined the steps and developed this Science Experiment Recording Sheet. I highly recommend following these steps for each activity, even with young children. They can draw pictures if they can’t write. It is the process that is important, starting with questions and hypothesis.

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