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Fun Activities for Kids to Learn Stars and Constellations

Fun Activities for Kids to Learn Stars and Constellations post image

Stargazing is always fascinating, especially for kids. In the summer night, when you look up into stars in the sky, you would wonder how many stars are there, and how do they move. There are many ways to learn about stars and planets in the sky, today we share some fun activities for kids to learn stars and constellations.

7 Activities for Kids to Learn about Stars and Constellations

Fun constellation activities for kids to learn stars in the sky. Fun summer spring fall STEM activities outdoor and indoor.

The easiest thing to do with kids is to just go out at night to look at the sky and watch the stars. It will be ideal if you can go out at the same time and stay at the same spot every day, so you can see the changes day after day. You can start talking about the reason the stars’ location change everyday. A good tool to use is the stargazing apps. With the app, you will be able to point out the stars you are expected to see, even when you can’t see them, and the app will also show you all the information about these stars. You can also overlay pictures of the mythology characters on top of the stars, making it fun and easy for kids to remember the stars.

One fun way to help kids remember the stars is to make Constellation Sewing Cards, kids not only learn about constellations, but also a good fine motor practice.

You can also make a stargazing telescope using toilet paper roll to observe the constellations with these free printable constellation cards.

Play online star games is also a fun way to learn constellations.

Add yourself into the constellation is another fun way to learn about it.

Play Constellations with Rocks is a good idea to take the kids outside and learn about the stars under day light.

Make a constellation geoboard kids can practice locating the constellations.

If you are going stargazing, make sure to download one of these cool stargazing apps, at least the free one.

For more science activities for kids at night, visit Science Activities after Dark

stargazing apps for kids
Science after dark - fun science activities for kids at night
Fun activities for kids to learn stars in the sky and recognize constellations. Hands-on STEM projects for young astronomers for the summer night stargazing party

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    really fun.

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    Great stuff! My kids are enjoying them!

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