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Best Science News Websites for Kids

Best Science News Websites for Kids post image

Best science news websites for kids! Keeping up with the newest trend in science has many benefits for kids that go beyond knowing what is going on in science fields. Reading science news will enrich kids’ science vocabulary, encourage scientific thinking, stimulate creativity, and promote imagination and invention. I still remember reading science magazines my parents had when I was in school. As those were magazines for adults, I did not quite understand everything, but still, I liked those articles. Today’s kids are lucky, they have access to many resources that specially designed for kids. Today we share sources where you can find science news for kids.

Best Sources of Science News for Kids

best science news websites for kids, with reading level index and lesson plans
NSF Science is a free app by the National Science Foundation (NSF) with updated science news in different science fields. It has multimedia contents. Although the text requires certain reading skills to comprehend, young children will enjoy those stunning pictures and videos.

National Geographic Young Explorer is designed for kids in kindergarten and first grade. It has both English and Spanish with focus on nature science.

Smithsonian Tribune has leveled science articles for kids in PreK to grade 12.

Time for Kids is a site of general news for kids, and they have a good science section.

Science News for Students is a site dedicated to promote science among kids.

New York Times Learning Network has a good science section, some even with learning plans.

PBS News Hour Extra is a news site designed for kids in grade 7 to 12. There is also a science section.

Youngzine is another website of news articles for kids, with a good science section on it.

Dogo News covers general news for kids, with a nice science section. I like the writing that is fun for kids to read. They also has a free app

NASA for students focus on space science. Readers can select content by grade levels. They also have a free app.

Scientific American has a dedicated section for education, where kids can find science news and science project ideas.

Do you have a good resource for science news for kids?

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