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Simple Science Experiments with Heart Themes

Simple Science Experiments with Heart Themes post image

We love science, and are always trying to find cool ideas of science experiments for kids. With Valentine Day coming up, I found 9 heart themed simple science experiments for kids. They are all easy experiments, but kids will have fun and learn science research skills at the same time.

Science Experiments with Hearts for Kids

Heart science experiments for kids to learn heart anatomy, physiology, function. Great STEM activities for Valentine's Day at school, at home, for homeschool.

The simplest science about heart is to measure heart rate of different conditions. How is it different between after running and sitting?

While talking about heart rate, you can also talk about heart and the circular system – in a kids friendly way of course.

You can even make a heart pump, while listening to the song about blood flow.

Do you want to know how blood flow in heart? This heart model made from drinking water bottles is a great way to help kids understand the structure of the heart, the 4 chambers, and the valves to set the blood flow direction.

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I love this simple Stethoscope, it is so easy to make. Kids can listen to others’ heart beat. Besides talking about heart and heart rate, it is also a good way to learn counting, and introducing concepts like rate, speed.

Kids will never get tired of bubbling or sizzling experiments, this vinegar frozen heart will for sure delight kids of all ages. After the excitement, don’t forget to explain the science of the fun.

Dancing heart is so fun to watch. Do you know why the hearts are dancing?

I like the set up of this heart candy dissolve experiment, kids learn scientific comparison and observation, plus data recording.

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Icy Heart Race is another way to learn science observation and data recording, but can really get kids excited while doing it.

What can you do with all those conversation heart candy? This science experiment is a good idea.

Hope you enjoy the heart science fun with kids!
9 heart themed science experiments for kids, kids not only learn about heart, but also science research thinking and methods. They are great STEM activities for Valentine's Day at school or at home, or for homeschool.
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  • shelah

    It is wonderful how you relate science to Valentine’s Day.

    • It makes science more interesting for kids. Glad you like these ideas.

  • Emma

    Thanks for featuring us. 🙂

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