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How to Make Mobius Strip Interlocked Hearts?

How to Make Mobius Strip Interlocked Hearts? post image

Have you tried the Mobius strip? It is a very interesting math concept. There are different ways to create the Mobius strip and the fun part is to cut it in half. Depending on how you make them, the outcomes could be very different.  Today we will just make one type: two interlocked hearts. 

How to make Mobius Strip heart? Fun STEM project for kids for Valentine's day, math club, math center, STEM class.

What are Mobius Strips?

First, we need to learn some fun facts about Mobius Strip. To better understand it, it is best to make one. Have a strip of paper ready.  Take that piece of the paper strip, and give it a half twist on one end, ie. turn one end of the paper upside down. While keeping one end upside up, and the other end upside down, connect the two ends, and tape the two ends together to form a circle. You have just created a Möbius strip.

The interesting fact is Mobius Strip has only ONE side. When you have a regular piece of paper, you have two sides. But a Mobius strip is not a regular piece of paper. It has only one side. A way to prove it is to use a pen to draw a line on the strip – without lifting the pen off the strip paper, you will find your pen come back to the starting point, joint the starting point.

How to make Mobius Strip Hearts

Now that we know what is a Mobius Strip. Let’s make the Mobius Strip Hearts. It is a perfect STEM activity for Valentine’s day. While kids make a heart craft, they will also learn some interesting facts in math.

First, cut two equal-sized paper strips. Tape them together at the middle point.

Second, make one Mobius strip with one piece of paper, as we described earlier. Turn one end of the strip upside down, and connect the two ends to form a circle. Remember how did you turn the one end of the paper.

Third, make another Mobiud strip with the other piece of paper that was taped on the one you used for the first Mobius strip. This time, you want to turn one end of the end upside down again, but turn it in the opposite direction as the first one. Take a close look at the video.

Four, it is time to cut both strips in half. For the first one, when you cut to the point where the two strips were taped together, just cut through the connecting part. 

Five, after cutting both strips in half, try to spread the two paper circles. You should now get two heart-shaped interlocked into each other. 

Have fun!

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