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YouTube Science Video Teaching Circulatory System

YouTube Science Video Teaching Circulatory System post image

YouTube videos are a huge learning resource for kids these days. Let’s add to that resource list with a new batch of human circulatory system YouTube science videos. These should help your students learn everything they need to know about the circulatory system.

Are you ready? Let’s get those hearts pumping to learn everything possible about the incredible human circulatory system.

Human Circulatory System YouTube Science Videos for Kids

Teaching kids Human Body Circulatory System with free videos on Youtube, learn about heart, blood cells, and blood vessels with interactive cartoons and engaging illustrations. Great for science class and homeschool. Preschool to high school. STEM education resource

Bill Nye the Science Guy Blood and Circulation
Through actions and examples, Bill Nye puts on a great show with this circulatory system YouTube video. He starts by giving a quick explanation about the functions of the circulatory system followed by several examples that make understanding this human system not only easy but fun.

How Your Heart Works
This cartoon video starts with a riddle to help kids learn about the circulatory system. Kids Health uses easy to understand terminology along with a cartoon that will remind kids of other stories they know well. This helps capture your kid’s attention while learning about the circulatory system through an adventure.

Circulatory System
A red blood cell introduces the heart, the blood and the blood vessels to the kids is a short video for young children, with just enough information. A fun science video for kids 5 to 6 year old.

The Human Body Heart Song
Here’s a catchy tune to listen to that starts with the beat of a heart. If your kiddos like to listen to music, this is a great way to teach them…. through the sound of music!

Schoolhouse Rock The Circulatory System
An oldie, but a goodie. Here is another video that includes music to teach kids about the circulatory system. You may remember Schoolhouse Rock from years ago. They still have some great content to use as a learning resource. Sometimes, all it takes is the right tune to get these facts to stick.

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Circulatory System Rap
If the songs and videos above don’t make the cut for your student, give this circulatory video a try. It involves the heart, a teacher, and little bit of rhyming rap! Great way to make learning fun. At the end of the video, you can check out the flashcards and quizzes.

Crash Course: The Circulatory System
Older students will enjoy this science video more than the younger crowd. Through graphics and a lecture, this video delivers the facts without a bunch of fluff, but rather delivers an intriguing conversation.

How the Heart Pumps the Blood
This science video is also more suitable for older kids, given the speed of talk and advanced vocabulary. However the fun cartoon illustration is so helpful in understanding how the blood flows through the 4 chambers inside the heart. You will never forget the order of the chambers the blood goes through after watching the pumping water annimation. Following the link in the comment, you can find extension discussions and lesson plans.

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Circulatory System
This 3D video delivers great images of the circulatory system. It will help students grasp a fantastic visual on how the heart pumps blood and how blood moves around the human body. In addition to the heart, this video also talks about blood and blood vessels.

Circulatory System
Instead of spoken words or songs, this video acts much like an animated book. Students can read along as the images change to learn all there is to know about the human circulatory system.

Human circulatory system YouTube Science Videos for Kids, learn about heart, blood cells, and blood vessels with interactive cartoons and engaging illustrations. Great for science class and homeschool. Preschool to high school

Human Circulatory System Teaching Books and Tools

Now that we have a fantastic list of human circulatory system YouTube videos listed above, let’s take a look at some teaching books and tools that you can use in addition to the video resources.

Survive! Inside the Human Body Circulatory System
This colorful comic is full of adventure that will get the reader’s blood pumping! Not only does this book involve adventure, but it has a ton of facts that students will soak up while they enjoy reading a comic book.

The Heart: Our Circulatory System
Leave it to the Smithsonian Books to deliver this fantastic book. Readers get a look at real circulatory scan images that depict the exact structure of the circulatory system.

Heart Organ Plush and Learning Resource
You can use this plush heart to help kids grasp the functions of the circulatory system. It includes educational resources that you can use in addition to heartthrob plush.

Blood Cells
Learn a little more detail about the circulatory system with these blood cells. The set includes a red blood cell, white blood cell, plasma, antibody, and platelet.

Circulatory System Study Poster
This poster has a ton of information that is laid out in an easy to understand educational poster. While teaching your kiddos about the circulatory system, hang this on the wall for a quick study guide.

Do you have any human circulatory system teaching resources to share with us? Tell us about your go-to videos, tools, and books in the comments.

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