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7 Wind Science Experiments for Kids to Learn Wind Power

7 Wind Science Experiments for Kids to Learn Wind Power post image

Today we continue our exploration of natural science experiments with kids. Do you have a lot of wind in your area? What makes the wind blow? How does wind power energy work? How can we use wind energy? Have you made any wind turbines or pinwheels? While it is not too cold, a fun thing to do is to explore and learn about the wind with fun wind science experiments with kids.

Fun Wind Science Activities for Kids to Explore Wind Power Energy

Science activities for kids learn wind power, wind formation, renewable energy. Fun STEM activities for kids preschool to middle school.

As usual, we listed the activities based on kids’ age, those preschoolers can do are at the top of the list, and those for older kids are towards the bottom of the list.

Make a pinwheel to watch the wind power: this is a fun activity for young children. They can make the pinwheel themselves, and watch it spin in the wind or when they blow air to it. For old kids, you can explain how wind turbine work, which is essentially the same as this pinwheel.

Another fun way for kids to learn about wind is to fly a kite. This is a helpful instruction on how to make a kite by yourself. You can also buy a kite kit and put it together with kids.

You can also make some paper airplanes. You can talk about why airplanes can fly, and help kids observe how the paper plane fly differently in the wind.

Another pinwheel made from balloon is also a fun one to watch the power of the air pressure.

This hovercraft is simply smart, and I am sure you want to try it.

Make an anemometer: anemometer is a tool used by meteorologists to measure wind speed. In this activity, you will use a power drill, so parents should stay involved in making it. After it is done, kids can be in charge of of taking data.

Make a wind vane to tell wind direction. Here is an explanation on why wind vane can tell you the wind direction.

Fun wind science experiments, easy at home kids activities. What makes wind blow? How does wind power work? How do we use wind power energy? Simple hands-on projects help kids answer these questions. Great STEM activities to explore the nature for kids from preschool to kindergarten to school age.

Books about wind science for kids

Feel the Wind: for kids age 4 to 8. Have you ever felt the wind tickle your face or heard it whistle through your window? Did you know that some wind travels faster than a car? Read inside to find out more about what causes wind, and learn how to make your own weather vane!

Gusts and Gales: for kids age 4 to 9. Find out about the different types of winds, including global winds, trade winds, local winds, and breezes. Learn about extreme wind weather like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Can you see the wind: for kids age 6 and up. Part of the Rookie Read-About Science series. What is wind? What can we use it for?

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is an inspiring story for kids of all ages. When a terrible drought struck William Kamkwamba’s tiny village in Malawi, his family lost all of the season’s crops, leaving them with nothing to eat and nothing to sell. William began to explore science books in his village library, and came up with the idea that would change his family’s life forever. As you guessed, the idea uses the wind.

The Wind at Work: An Activity Guide to Windmills: for kids age 9 and up. The book explains how the wind works, what windmills have contributed to the past, and why they offer environmental promise today as a source of clean, renewable energy. It has 24 wind-related activities.

natural science for kids

I hope you like these science experiments. Would you like to have fun Fact Sheet for Wind? It this sheet, kids will find how wind are formed, how is wind measured, and what we are using wind for? To download the sheet, simple enter your email below.

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