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Pepper and Soap Experiment and More Pepper Science for Kids

Pepper and Soap Experiment and More Pepper Science for Kids post image

Have you tried the pepper and soap experiment with kids? It is so easy and so magic to watch. It is a must-do kitchen science experiment at home. If you need direction on how to do it, we have linked one below. But don’t just stop there, I have some more extension experiments that are not as well-known as pepper and soap, but they also use pepper, also very easy. Some are just one quick addition to the pepper and soap experiment. Check them out!

Pepper Science Activities beyond the Pepper and Soap Experiment

Pepper and soap experiment is magic! Do you know it is only the first half of the experiment? The next half is to bring the pepper back to the center. Find out how, plus 5 more fun kitchen STEM science experiments with pepper you can easily do at home.

The classic pepper and soap experiment is a must do activity with kids. It is a wonderful demonstration of water surface tension. Make sure to put your finger without soap in the water first, and then add soap to your finger and dip it in the water with pepper floating, so kids can see the different reactions.

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An interesting extension of the pepper soap experiment is to add sugar into the middle of the water. You will see pepper starts to float back to the center area. I like the idea of using this experiment to teach kids a life lesson that when you say things hurtful, people will leave you; and when you are kind to people, they will want to be friend with you.

Do you know how to separate pepper and salt? If you know how, do you know why?

The last experiment uses comb, this is another way to separate pepper and salt, using balloon.

A fun and easy demonstration of the same science concept is this jumping pepper experiment, using a plastic box with some pepper inside it. I am sure kids will jump with the pepper in the box.

Pepper and soap science experiment showing surface tension, plus 5 more STEM activities with pepper. Kitchen science fun for kids

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