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Fun Kitchen Math Activities for Kids

Fun Kitchen Math Activities for Kids post image

Do you like math? Math is in our daily life. The more you help kids relate math with things they like, the more they will like math. Today we share some ideas of kitchen math activities for kids, things you can do with kids in your kitchen that also use their math skills.
kitchen math activities for kids

Fun Math Activities in Kitchen for Preschool Kids

Make a necklace with cheerios: you can also use any o-shaped snacks. Tell kids you are going to make a necklace with certain number of cheerios, ask them to count the number out and put the counted cheerios on the string. You can also grab some, ask kids to count out how many you grabbed, and ask them how many more they need to make the necklace. If you can find colored cheerios, you can also ask kids to make the necklace in certain patterns, such as one green for every two red cheerios.

Count the animals: if you have animal crackers, you can put couple dogs on the plate, and couple cats on the other, and ask kids how many animals in total on both plates. You can combine them, and ask kids to count out loud how many they’ve eaten in total as they eat the crackers, and then ask them how many left on the plate.

Make a number line: get some number cookie cutter and ask kids to line up the cookie cutters in the order of numbers. With young children, you want to be careful with the cookie cutters, as some are sharp for their skin. We had this plastic cookie cutters with numbers and letters, that worked very well with little ones.

Fun Math Activities in Kitchen for School Age Kids

Take measures for the recipes: all recipes have measures, weight, volume, … Next time, when you cook, ask your kids to help measure and get all the materials ready for you.

Take all the measuring cups out, put down the measures on each, and pull out some containers you have in the kitchen, and ask them how many times they have to use each measuring cup to fill up the container.

Learn Fraction with Pizza: cutting pizza is a very visual way to see the fractions. Ask kids cut the pizza into certain number of slices, and after people take some slices, ask the child the fraction of the pizza that is left. it is not necessary to be a round pizza, any shape should work, although round shape does have an easier visual.

Practice division and multiplication with fruits: when you have strawberries, grapes, or blue berries, ask kids estimate how many in total, then count the number of people, ask kids to calculate how many each person can have. Or you can ask the child to decide how many each person can have, then how many total you will need to make sure each person will have that many.

Get cooking: if you child is interesting in making food, this is a great kitchen math book for kids. You will find recipes for kids to make, and math questions for them to solve along the way. It will be fun activities you can do together with kids.

How do you use math in your kitchen with kids?

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