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Giveaway to Celebrate ABC Gurus Now in Five Languages

Giveaway to Celebrate ABC Gurus Now in Five Languages post image

ABC Gurus just had a new update. Kids can now play the app in 5 languages: English (US & UK), Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. To celebrate the new update, Colto the develop of this fun app is giving away 5 apps to iGameMom readers. You can download the app using the coding below.

ABC Gurus is a fun alphabet app designed with the incidental learning method. It is just like the natural way that kids acquire the language. Instead of “teaching” kids letters and their sounds, the app askes kids decorate letters. Every time they touch the letter, they hear the letter sound. For kids, this is a coloring app, instead of an alphabet app. For more information, please read our review Alphabet App for Kids Using Incidental learning Approach.

Here are 5 codes for 5 readers. You can just click on the code on your device, then follow the instructions.


If you missed the codes, and still want to download the app, you can download the app using the link below. By using our link, you are supporting iGameMom, as we will receive a small percentage of the cost as rebate. But don’t worry, your total cost doesn’t change.
ABC Gurus

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  • Sheila

    Neat! It seems like this would be a good way for kids to get started with other languages as well – or at least be introduced to them.

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