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Outdoor Math Activities for Kids

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Math is every where in our life, even when you are outdoors. You can easily find things outdoor that are mathematical, or you can bring math outside. Kids will enjoy the fresh air, and more than likely they will learn better when they are relaxed and are doing things they like. Here are some fun outdoor math activities for kids.

13 Fun Outdoor Math Activities for kids

Creative outdoor math activity ideas for kids from preschool to high school. Stop summer slide with fun STEM activities to learn numbers, shapes, angles, algebra, geometry, math problem solving.

Do you know how to estimate the height of a tree without reaching the top of the tree? Here is a fun way to do it. You may need a measuring tape, depend on the size of the trees you want to estimate, but you don’t have to, since you can just measure by “foot”.

After estimating the height of the trees, find different types of angles that the tree branches form. How many acute angles do you see on that tree?

Make some big numbers and ask your preschoolers make a number line in the yard.

You can also pick up some sticks and make some shapes with different types of angles.

Play hopscotch is a fun way to learn counting.

Once kids get over counting to 10, you can try this counting maze.

A scavenger hunt of numbers delivering food orders will get kids doing math while running around.

You can easily find enough leaves to learn logic with this fun game. You can also replace leaves with rocks, sticks, or anything that can be found easily.

Sponge Bullseye toss is great for addition. You can change the numbers on the bullseye to make it easier or more difficult. Similar idea with this tarp tossing game.

This drawing on the driveway incorporates math and art in one activity.

Using objects you can find to represent numbers, and let kids figure out about the value of the objects, you are introducing an important algebra concept – symbol.

Make an outdoor clock to practice telling time.

To further understanding of fraction, you can ask children to make a fraction wall with sticks.

Do you have any cool outdoor math activity ideas?

Fun outdoor math activities for kids, no preparation needed. STEM activities to learn numbers, shapes, angles, algebra, geometry, math problem solving for summer spring fall.
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Outdoor math activities for kids from preschool to high school. Stop summer slide with fun STEM activities.
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  • TechyKids Canada

    These are some really great ideas and can making learning fun for kids. It can help them to cement their knowledge. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kiara

    I always had trouble with math. I’m an adult with special needs (Autism) and I like easy content like this, it helps me understand things better thank you

  • Jane E Peterson

    Science is GREAT! I went to the book store to find some activities for my tutoring sessions! I did not find anything as fun and as helpful as these ideas!

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