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7 Online Art Programs for Kids

7 Online Art Programs for Kids post image

Art plays an important role in children’s development. It is not just for visual skills, it also help kids in many other areas, such as creativity, open mind, cultural awareness, fine motor skills, language development. However, not all parents know art, not to mention art education. How do I help my child learn art if I don’t know anything about art? You don’t need to be an artist to teach kids art. There are many free online art programs are designed for kids. Many of these programs are high quality from reputable art museums and art institutes.

Online Art Programs for Kids

Online art programs from art museums and art teachers, great STEAM art lessons and interactive art project ideas for kids to learn art at home at their own pace

National Gallery of Art: they offer free art lessons on their website and via a free app, covering art subjects like portrait, landscape, seascape, still life, action painting, color field, sketchbook, … All through digital interactive features that making the lessons fun for children.

Storyboard: This is a fun way to help kids learn storytelling using art formats. It is a great tool for young children who have not fully developed in language expression. They can use the provided template and pictures to put together a story.

Art Project by Google: is a digital art collection including many artworks from art museums around the world. With the built-in search and compare functions and other features, it is a great resource to study art history and art masterpieces. There is an education section that offers many creative teaching ideas.

MET Kids: is a series of storytime videos from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each video is hosted by one of the curators who reads an art-related story and guides kids with an art activity. Each video lasts about 10 minutes and then kids can finish their art project on their own.

Photo Editing History: FakingIt is a free website and a free app teaching kids photo editing history, and fun ideas. Kids not only learn art, but also history.

Thrive Art: The art lessons are specially designed for kids, and there are series of art lessons by kids age groups.

Kids Art Classes: created by an art teacher who has been teaching art to kids for years. There are a series of online art classes on her website now.

Do you know an online art program for kids? I’d like to hear about it.

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Online art programs for kids learn art appreciation, fundamentals, skills. Free STEAM resources for teachers and parents at school and at home.

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