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Best Learning Tools for Kids to Learn Drawing and Painting

Best Learning Tools for Kids to Learn Drawing and Painting post image

We have put together quite a few learning tools for kids posts. Today we share best learning tools for kids to learn drawing. There are so much to learn about drawing, from simple shapes, to proportions, to colors, to different art effects. As we always do, the tools are listed by its target users’ age, tools for younger kids are listed at the beginning of the list, tools for older kids and adults are listed toward the bottom of the list.

This is part of our Best Learning Tools for Kids on iPad series. For the whole list of the series, please visit Must Have Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets

Best Learning Tools for Kids to Learn Drawing

Best learning tools for kids to learn drawing and painting, from learning to draw lines, to shapes, to step-by-step guide of daily objects, to color blend, to art effects and drawing techniques. Wonderful art class resources for painting and drawing tutorials
Squiggles: a drawing app for the youngest kids who just start to learn drawing different lines. It turns kids’ squiggles into meaningful drawings, like clouds bringing rains, nests for the birds. A great tools for the little ones to practice drawing lines that will in turn to spark their imagination.

iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs: Step-by-step guide of drawing 19 different dinosaurs. Kids learn drawing as well as fun dinosaur facts. In the series, there are also iLuv Drawing People, iLuv Drawing Animals, iLuv Drawing Monsters, iLuv Drawing Vehicles. For all the drawing apps in the series, you can visit the developer page

Drawing for Kids: another app with step-by-step guide of drawing over 30 objects kids love. All objects are something kids actually see in their everyday life, such as cars, houses, balls, birds.

Night Zoo Keeper Teleporting Torch: It is a fun app letting parents connect with kids via drawing projects. The app has a system set up so parents can send kids drawing challenges based on kids’ skill level.

Drawing with Carl: It is a nice drawing app with a lot drawing tools for kids to explore different effects. The mirror effect is a unique feature for kids to learn about symmetry design.

Drawp: another drawing app with many drawing tools for kids to explore different art effects. Kids also receive drawing prompts for drawing ideas.

Drawnimal: a drawing app of challenge in a fun way. Kids see part of drawing on iPad, and put the iPad on paper, they have to complete the whole picture utilizing the part already on iPad. Great for imagination.

Mini Monet: a drawing app for kids with classy taste, Mini Monet has different challenges for kids. For example, kids will see half of the drawing and they are to finish the other half. The option of choosing a ruled background is very helpful for kids to learn to draw in the right proportion.

PicoToons: a drawing app for school age kids. In addition to many drawing tools for kids to try out different art effects, all features are more fine-tuned, such coloring in a smaller area, overlay text on top of pictures with different font options.

MoMA Art Lab: from the Museum of Modern Art, it teaches kids fundamentals of modern art and guide kids create art works use non-traditional methods, such as scissors.

Eye Paint: This app provides a unique way for kids to learn coloring and pattern. Kids can isolate parts of the painting and take the colors and patterns around them in real live to fill the part. It gives a completely new perspective on drawings and pictures.

Storyboard That: A free website that works well on iPad, it is a great tool for kids to learn to communicate with drawings. There are many pre-made picture units for kids to use to create a series of pictures to tell a story.

NGA Kids: from National Gallery of Art, there are a series of guided activities for kids to learn about drawing and painting with different techniques for different types of painting, like still life, portrait, landscape. It can be accessed on the website or via the free app.

SketchBook: a more sophisticated drawing app for those who want to explore more advanced art effects like water color, animation. You can even create the art with layers for easy editing.

This is part of our Best Learning Tools for Kids on iPad series. For complete list of best learning tools for Kids on iPad and links to all posts, please visit: Must Have Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets. In the series, we have best learning tools for the following subjects:
Math Concepts ; Counting ; Telling Time ;
Phonics ; Sight Words; Spelling ; Vocabulary ; Grammar ;
Handwriting ; Drawing ; Storytelling ; Creative Writing ;
Computer Coding ; Second Language ; Critical Thinking & Problem Solving ;
Emotion Recognition and Articulation ;
must have free learning tools for kids on iPad and other tablets

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