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Straight A Back-to-School Apps

Back to School Apps

It is hard to believe the school is starting soon. Are you ready for the kids going back to school? Are the kids ready? We have shared our tips on how to prepare kids for back to school. Today I am also sharing some wonderful apps that will help kids be ready to back to school, and do well at school for various subjects. I hope these back-to-school apps will help the kids to achieve straight A’s and stay happy socially!
Straight A Back to School Apps -- apps that help kids get back into school routine and thrive in school academic and social life
First, here are some apps that will help the kids transition into the learning mood from a relaxed summer:

Brain Quest (free): curriculum based trivia games for grade 1 to 5. Each grade has 80 questions. With In-App purchase ($2.99 for each grade), you can buy the whole pack, which has over 600 questions for each grade. Kids learn while playing games.

BrainPop Featured Movie (free): Kids get to see a new animated documentary every day. The range of topics is amazingly broad: science, history, Engineering & technology, Social Studies, English, Arts & Music, and Health subjects.

TeachMe ($1.99 for each grade level): An app series covers Toddler, Kindergarten, Grade 1 to 3. Each grade has spelling and basic math.

Khan Academy (free): Free classes on various subjects.  The topics include: K-12 math, science (such as biology, chemistry, and physics), finance, history, test prep (GMAT, CAHSEE, SAT math, etc). The level of the courses ranges from elementary school to college. Any student will be able to find something

After they get into the learning mood, here are some apps that can help them get A’s on the specific subjects

Stack the States ($0.99): Learn US states via interactive games

Stack the Countries ($1.99): Learn world geography while playing games

NOVA Elements (free): Learn periodic table with multi-media materials, such as short videos, pictures, 3D models, and games.

SplashMath ($9.99): comprehensive math app that is aligned to US standard curriculum.

Mathemagics – Mental math tricks ($0.99): teaches little tricks on how to do math quickly

Mindsnacks Spanish (initial download is free with one level, $4.99 for the whole package with 50 levels): Learn Spanish with fun.

Now Some Good Reads:

10 Free Reading Apps That Continuously Offer Free Books for Kids: this is a wonderful resource to find age appropriate reading materials for kids. You can find books, articles for kids of all ages.

Free Non Fiction Readings for Kids: if you look for non fiction reading materials, this is the place to go.

Ice is Nice – Cat in the Hat Learning Library ($5.99): Learn animals and geography of North and South Poles. It is for kids aged 5-10.

Horton Hatches the Egg ($4.99): Another Dr.Seuss’s book app designed for pre-school and kindergarteners.

Biography Comics (free for the first 3 books, $29.99 for all 29 books): 29 biographies in comics, including Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Warren Buffett, … It is for kids 8 and older.

Cool to be Clever (free): kids 6 and up who can read chapter-books will learn the story of Edson Hendricks and how he invented “connectionless” network design that is used in today’s Internet.

Brush of Truth ($1.99): A book app written for children age 8-12.  It is a book app that the readers get to decide how the story unfolds…

While at school, there will be issues about bullies and interactions between peers, these apps will help:

10 Apps Helping Kids Develop Social Emotional Skills: you will find apps for kids of all ages to gain skills in recognizing and articulating emotions and feelings with words.

FeelElectric (free): designed for kids 6 and older, this app teaches kids recognize different emotions and express emotions with words

Be Confident in Who You Are ($2.99): a graphic novel targeted at kids 8-14 years old. It addresses topics such as self-consciousness, stress, bullying, fitting in, body image, and sticky issues in friendships. All these issues are presented in an age appropriate manner.

Enjoy a new school year with these cool apps!

For more educational apps for kids, please visit out collection of best apps for kids grouped by age and subjects and Best learning tools available on mobile devices.
Best educational apps for kids, grouped by kids age and learning subjects: apps for preschool, for kindergarten, for elementary school, and for middle and high school; math apps, science apps, nature app, reading apps, …
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  • Wendy

    LOVE your site, you offer great insight to Mamas on many areas of technology! Thanks for sharing the joy!!!

  • Melanie

    Definitely Nearpod app!!!! kids love it and teachers too! take a look.

  • Kate

    Awesome list. My dd loves Splash Math and TeachMe apps 🙂

  • amoralegria

    Thank you for visiting my blog, which brought me to yours!

    Kudos for this comprehensive list of online resources, which I am going to copy and save for possible use in my new classroom this year! BrainPop videos are fun and easy for the kids to understand, also not too long for their short attention spans!

    • Thank you! There are so many apps out there, hopefully, my work can save others some time. Please come back and let me know how you use the apps in your classroom. Which grade are you teaching?

  • Patrick

    Be Confident In Who You Are looks interesting. Great list. I just recently invested in tablets for my kids and am always looking for a great educational app!

    • You come to the right place. This site is all about educational apps for kids. Be Confident in Who You Are is a great book. All stories are in a real life setting, teaching kids how to handle tough situations. Every one can easily relate to the stories. – this is what I like the best about this book.

  • Alicia Floriano

    Love brain quest! Great post, can’t wait to share this with my little sis!

  • Audra Krell

    I highly recommend brain quest! My boys ALWAYS loved those. Thank you for this great blog, much needed!

    • Thanks for the note. It’s always good to know what apps other families are using! Loved your cookie story – wish my son would be the same when he grows up …

  • Jodi

    Great list! Very helpful. My girls are going to love checking out some new apps….Thanks!

    • Glad to know you find the app list helpful. Let me know how the girls like the apps.

  • Camhy

    These apps look great! I would especially love to try Khan Academy with my kids, but I get all excited only to find out they’re only available on IPad. I have IPhone and a Kindle Fire. Could you label your apps in their descriptions so I know right away if I will be able to access them? Thanks so much!

  • Andrew

    Very informative. Thanks for sharing. Will bookmark this for future usage.

    • Any time. Please come visit more! There are always some new app ideas here.

  • Julie @ Story Bayou

    Thanks for including Brush of Truth on this list. Just wanted to let your readers know that free lesson plans are available on our website storybayou.com

  • kalamitykelli

    Always informative and well-researched! Thank you so much for this, I recommend it to all my friends with young children!

    • Thank you for the comment. It seems more and more families, even schools, are using iPAD for educational purpose. We don’t want to be left behind by our kids. 🙂

  • Ella

    Wow! Thanks for the list. I will surely check them out. My kids would love this.

    • Hopefully, these educational apps will make YOUR life a little easier too!

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